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    There Is An Abandoned Wild West Theme Park In Cornwall

    So mysterious.

    The American Wild West Park was built near St Columb Major in Cornwall.

    The abandoned theme park last opened in 2009.

    There are 25 buildings on the site.

    Visitors could watch live action shows, ride a pony and see authentically dressed Wild West characters.

    As well as visit a barber's shop.

    And an old-time saloon.

    The photos were taken by urban explorer who goes by the name of Urbex-SW.

    Urbex explains: "People are normally pretty amazed with the places that I get to see, the fact that these places are just left to rot away and never be seen again."

    "These photographs show what was once a happy, bustling and buzzing location now left to ruin".

    There are many artifacts left behind in the ghost town.

    Including these photos from visitors at the time.

    And bourbon from 1866.

    Urbex is proud of their documentary work.