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    There Is A Restaurant In Manchester That Is Gluten-Free, And They Serve Tea Cocktails

    Yum yum yum.

    Manchester's Tea 42 is a GF dream.

    Every single dish on the menu is available gluten-free (with the exception of two pies, however there are GF pies too).

    Based in the Northern Quarter, the cafe launched in November 2013.

    It initially specialized in afternoon tea. Tea 42 = Tea for two (do you see).

    Which it still serves, by the way.

    But recently they've started to serve evening options. Like this delicious chowder.

    Cocktails include the Champagne Tea.

    And the G & Tea.

    As well as specially blended teas.

    There are also eight gluten-free beers on the menu.

    And there are plans to branch out, countrywide.