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There Is A Cafe In Leeds Where All The Dishes Are Made From Food Waste

Re-use, recycle.

This is the Real Junk Food Project, in Leeds. / Ross Parry / SWNS

It's the first cafe in the UK that only uses intercepted waste food. It’s run by local Leeds man Adam Smith and his co-director Johanna Hewitt. Pictured above is Conor Walsh, a co-director.

The cafe uses food that would otherwise have been thrown out.

Facebook: TheRealJunkFoodProject

This means that the food comes from various different sources. The cafe is supplied by everything from walk-in donations to corporate ties (the cafe has deals with places like Nando's and Waitrose, for example).

The menu for the restaurant changes every day, depending on resources.

The cafe has been open since December 2013.

Facebook: TheRealJunkFoodProject

In that time, they've fed nearly 3,000 people and made nearly 4,000 meals - meaning they used nearly ten and half tonnes of food that would have otherwise gone to landfill.

The cafe is run on a pay-as-you-feel system.

Facebook: TheRealJunkFoodProject

This means that someone can come in and have access to the food, and in return, they can leave a donation, or do washing up, or volunteer their time.

It's staffed by five volunteer directors, included two chefs and two recent graduates. / Ross Parry / SWNS

As well as a core team of "about 10 committed volunteers" .

The team hope to expand the concept to countries around the world. / Ross Parry / SWNS

Find out more about the cafe here.

An earlier version of this post mis-identified Adam Smith in a photograph. This has since been corrected. Apols, Adam.