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There Is A Cafe In Leeds Where All The Dishes Are Made From Food Waste

Re-use, recycle.

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This is the Real Junk Food Project, in Leeds. / Ross Parry / SWNS

It's the first cafe in the UK that only uses intercepted waste food. It’s run by local Leeds man Adam Smith and his co-director Johanna Hewitt. Pictured above is Conor Walsh, a co-director.

The cafe uses food that would otherwise have been thrown out.

Facebook: TheRealJunkFoodProject

This means that the food comes from various different sources. The cafe is supplied by everything from walk-in donations to corporate ties (the cafe has deals with places like Nando's and Waitrose, for example).


Find out more about the cafe here.

An earlier version of this post mis-identified Adam Smith in a photograph. This has since been corrected. Apols, Adam.