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    Posted on Dec 2, 2013

    The 19 Most "Top Bants" Things That Have Ever Happened

    Fire up the ROFLcopter.

    The definition of banter is a tricky subject.

    Some love it.

    Some hate it.

    But hopefully this handy rundown will define once and for all the most banterous things that ever bantered.

    1. This escapade where five drunk French teenagers kidnapped a llama.

    Level of Banter: Archbishop of Banterbury.

    2. This chalkboard.

    Via Twitter: @Fuckingledge

    Level of Banter: Strictly Come Banting.

    3. This unexpected side-effect of a legal high called ROFLCOPTR.

    Twitter: @DanStockdale

    Level of Banter: Bantom of the Opera.

    4. This chemical discovery.

    Level of Banter: Bantonio Banderas.

    5. This tweet from a Formula One team, about a departing team-mate.

    Twitter: @Lotus_F1Team

    Level of Banter: Banteater.

    6. This Great British Bake Off Photoshop.

    Level of Banter: Top bants.

    7. This West London restaurant.

    Twitter: @Fuckingledge

    Level of banter: Bante natal class.

    8. This t-shirt.

    Twitter: @Pandamoanimum

    Level of Banter: Bantric sex.

    9. And this one.

    Via Twitter: @MatthewStanger

    Level of Banter: Marc Banthony.

    10. This "Wrecking Ball" parody.

    View this video on YouTube

    Level of Banter: The Bantastic Mr Fox.

    11. These lads.

    Twitter: @Lukeribs

    Level of Banter: Banthony Hopkins.

    12. This advert.

    Level of Banter: Bantelope.

    13. This defecator.

    Twitter: @BuzzFeedUK

    Level of Banter: Banta Claus.

    14. This festival-goer.

    Flickr: areminder / Via Creative Commons

    Level of Banter: The Banterbury Tales.

    15. This bookshelf.

    Level of Banter: Bant and Dec.

    16. This sign.

    Twitter: @Fuckingledge

    Level of Banter: Bante's Inferno.

    17. This pumpkin.

    Twitter: @Fuckingledge

    Level of Banter: Bant Cook, Won't Cook.

    18. These teenagers who had a fancy meal in McDonald's.

    Twitter: @will_peachey

    Level of Banter: Final Bantasy.

    19. This loving arrangement of stones.

    Level of Banter: Immanuel Bant.

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