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The 24 Most Irish Things Ever

And not a potato in sight.

1. This news story.

2. This pothole.

3. And this sign.

4. Harry Potter attending the house party of the winning Dublin Minors team, and holding the Tom Markham Cup.

5. This unusual pet.

6. This Guard who is having none of it.

7. This sign.

8. This political broadcast.

9. This news bulletin.

10. This shop's reaction to the heat.

11. This community service.

12. This cow getting a lift.

13. This Corkonian who got stuck in a Mc Donald's high chair.

14. This restaurant name.

15. This emergency.

16. This tea cosy.

17. Jedward, wearing Irish flags, running in a race sponsored by Spar.

18. This pair, standing next to a statue of Funghi. In the rain.

19. This protest sign.

20. This photo of Obama with a hurl.

21. This act of goodwill.

22. This flag of support for Olympic champ Katie Taylor.

23. And consequently, everything about this.

24. This tweet.