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    Posted on Jul 4, 2013

    The 20 Most Brighton Things To Ever Happen

    Fish and chips and seagulls.

    1. This placard.

    2. This guy checking his emails.

    3. This postcard.

    4. This graffiti.

    5. This announcement.

    6. This gang.

    7. This guy taking a selfie in the sea.

    8. This eco-house.

    9. This event.

    10. This shop.

    11. These motorists.

    12. These dapper gents.

    13. This rescue effort.

    14. This homestore.

    15. These beermats.

    16. This news saga.

    17. This football stadium seating.

    18. This breast-feeding flashmob.

    19. These Christmas lights.

    20. And this. Nick Cave helping a German unicyclist juggle with fire.

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