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    The 21 Most Awkward Things About Taking Public Transport

    Let's all just stay home.

    1. When you notice your ticket isn't valid, but you're already at the gate.

    2. When you fall asleep on the train.

    3. Or worse, when someone falls asleep on you.

    4. When there's a bus nutter on your journey.

    5. When you accidentally look someone in the eye.

    6. And in response, they try to flirt across the carriage.

    7. When you encounter a seat hog, and try to reason with them.

    8. When you're trapped in a carriage with a busker.

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    9. When someone sneezes on you, or worse, on the pole.

    10. When people treat the seats like a gym.

    11. When the bus/train is so full that you're pushed up against a stranger, and you just try to ignore it.

    12. When you're sat next to some heavy petting.

    13. When you don't quite manage to make it on.

    14. When the driver sees you, but closes the doors anyway.

    15. When tourists take photos next to you.

    16. When there's aggro on the back of the bus.

    17. When you bump into a colleague and you still have 30 minutes of your journey left.

    18. When you think about giving up your seat for a lady, but worry that she will she be offended.

    19. When you notice too late that your headphones aren't plugged in.

    20. When you wake up at the end of the line on the last train of the night and have to do the shame walk to the local minicab office.

    21. When you're this guy.