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    Posted on Jul 17, 2013

    The Definitive Ranking Of Ice Lollies From Worst To Best

    Our decision is final. We will brook no argument.

    10. Fab

    OK, before we begin, we'll discuss the title. Ice-cream? Ice-lolly? Is there a difference? For the purposes of this article, no. An ice-cream is a single-serving cooling treat bought from the corner shop.

    With that in mind, we approach the Fab. A mix of frozen fruit-flavoured ice and strawberry ice-cream, topped with multicoloured sprinkle, the Fab is the Topic in the Celebrations tin of the Ice-cream world. Nobody wants it, but it'll do.

    9. Fruit Pastilles

    The Fruit Pastilles lolly is a jaunty, if over-priced, summer snack that delivers a surprising amount of bang for its buck. However, although it tries hard, it cannot overcome the flaws that strike all Fruit Pastille-branded products. Namely, the green bits are rank.

    8. Mr Freeze

    Pros: Cheap, loads of flavours including 'blue'.

    Cons: Freezes your hand when you hold it, difficult to open unless you carry a pen-knife, will slice open the corners of your mouth with its weirdly resilient plastic packaging.

    7. Choc Ice

    So basic, but so dependable. This is the Vauxhall Corsa of ice-creams.

    6. Feast

    The Feast has its downfalls, we know. The chocolate's a bit crap. The centre always falls off the stick. It's smaller than it looks. But its ramshackle nature makes it even more appealing. And when spotted, the elusive Mint Feast is glory in ice-cream form.

    5. Magnum

    So posh by default, it feels déclassé to put them in a list post. But as the years have wound on, Magnum's status has been toppled. There are posher ice-creams now. But the creamy vanilla centre, and the thick chocolate crust means that this lolly is a perennial.

    4. Solero

    All the juice of a lollly, with the creaminess of an ice-cream. It shouldn't work. But it does.

    3. Calippo

    Despite the weird slurpy bit at the end. Despite the fact that half-way through the cardboard edges start to wilt. Despite the fact that Mango Rubicon ice-lollies are lovely. Nobody will ever turn down a Calippo.

    2. Cornetto

    Solid choice, a Cornetto. Enough variety of texture to keep things interesting, but nothing too spooky. Kept off the top spot only because of its failure to quench thirst on the hottest of days.

    1. Twister

    Pineapple flavour ice-cream, lemon and lime ice, and juicy strawberry centre. You will never better a Twister.

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