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The Definitive Ranking Of Crisps From Worst To Best

Corn-based or potato-based, we don't care, we pretty much love them all. But which variety is the best?

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16. Sam Smiths' Ready Salted

Look at that pint. See how cold it is. Look at those crisps. Imagine how crunchy and salty they are. You have been misled. Sam Smiths are like photocopies of crisps. The closest they got to Ready Salted is when they see the tears of those who are about to eat them.


11. Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips

These are dinner party crisps. 'Oh, can I bring anything?' you ask. 'Just some nibbles', your host replies. Then you spend a frantic 10 minutes in the corner shop and panic-buy posh crisps, when all anyone ever wanted was Pringles.

10. Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations

Edging in ahead of Kettle Chips, but still basically the same thing (without the twee packaging). Extra points for the flecks of coriander, which add the illusion of nutrition.


6. Hula Hoops

A tie, between Original flavour and Salt and Vinegar. Hula Hoops are dependably crunchy and also have the novelty value of being able to wear them as accessories. Kept out of the top five by the honking smell of the BBQ flavour.

4. Doritos Cool Original

You are allowed to substitute one, and only one, variant of Doritos here. It cannot be that weird lime one. If you substitute that version then you're banned from crisps for life.

2. Frazzles

Frazzles are the dirtiest of all crisps, but they will never judge you. Even when you can't afford Frazzles and buy the cut-price 'bacon fries' from the cornershop, Frazzles will still be there for you.


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