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    23 Places Chefs Eat On Their Day Off

    We asked chefs for their top cheap eats.

    1. Roti King, London

    Facebook: rotikinglondon

    "Roti King in Euston does a roti canai for £5 and you can easily order a couple of extra roti and still stay under a tenner. I have been following this guy around town since he had a small section of a little Malaysian restaurant near Chinatown and seemed close to giving up; he has since been 'discovered' in Euston and has queues out the door. He is a nice guy and deserves the success." – Ross Shonhan, chef proprietor of Bone Daddies, Shackfuyu and Flesh & Buns

    2. Bagel Boy, Bristol

    Bagel Boy

    "A nice and simple idea that is done to perfection. Imaginative fillings, amazingly fresh ingredients and amazing service. The salt beef bagel in particular is an absolute babe. So tasty." – Dan Beaumont and Andrew Evans, Voodoo Ray's and Ray's Bar

    3. Diwana Bhel Poori House, London

    4. Joy Luck, London

    5. Cromars, St Andrews


    "This is St Andrews' five-star chippie. The fish couldn’t be any fresher, the batter is crisp and non-oily, and the chips are hand-cut and cooked nearly to order. Tourists and locals sit side-by-side in the small dining room – I love the ‘fish tea’, which is haddock, chips, peas, bread & butter, plus a pot of tea, for £14. Or a haddock, chips, and tartare will set you back £9." – chef Charles Hilton, Brasserie Zedel

    6. Antepliler, London

    7. Cookies Crab Shop, Norfolk

    8. The Sportsman Club, Birmingham

    9. The Rendezvous, Bristol

    "Chips in gravy!!" – Hus Vedat, Yosma

    10. Dusty Knuckle, London

    Dusty Knuckle

    "This place down the road from us do the best sandwiches in the known universe. The bread is baked on-site and the staff are amazing. Great coffee too. It’s a total winner." – Dan Beaumont and Andrew Evans, Voodoo Ray's and Ray's Bar

    11. Northern Soul MCR, Manchester

    Northern Soul

    "My favourite joint in Manchester not only uses the power of melted cheese, it teams it up with blue cheese and bacon or my favourite jalapenos and chorizo! It won't cost more than £6.50, and they give you a gherkin and some coleslaw on the side." – Vanessa Bolosier, chef and author of Creole Kitchen

    12. Obalende Suya Express, London

    13. Bombay Grill, London

    14. Wheelers Oyster Bar, Kent

    15. Tabun Kitchen, London

    Tabun Kitchen

    "Musakhan chicken wrap, £8.50. A delicious take on Jerusalem street food, authentic, with layers of flavour – and once finished you feel truly stuffed." – Matin Miah, Rudie's

    16. Rox Burger, London

    "Rox Burger, just off Lewisham High Street, serves the best burger in London, hands down. Go for the classic burger – £7.90. Tasty, cooked in-house Angus beef patties, customised to your liking with extremely fresh brioche buns, and their outstanding fries are included. Wash it down with a vanilla and Crunchie milkshake." – chef Charles Hilton, Brasserie Zedel

    17. Manchipster, Manchester

    18. Billingsgate Market Café, London

    19. The Company Shed, Essex

    The Company Shed

    "This tiny seafood shack has a cult following and it’s easy to see why. People journey miles for a taste of the good stuff. As it’s just a few yards from where the fishing boats dock each morning, they get first refusal on the pick of the day’s catch. It’s pretty no-nonsense (you have to bring your own bread, or chips, and the shed itself is about as inviting as a bus stop) but that also means dirt-cheap seafood. The freshest oysters you’ve ever tasted are £1 each, you can get a plate of banging grilled mussels for under a fiver, and a whole crab is just £10. Well worth missioning it to the coast for." – Ollie Templeton, Carousel

    20. Silk Road, London

    21. Koya Bar, London

    Koya Bar

    "Koya Bar breakfast! I love the kitsune udon with an onsen egg dropped in. It gives the energy to the whole day! Kitsune udon is £8.40, onsen tanago egg is £2.50…" – Erchen Chang, co-founder and head chef at Bao

    22. Barrafina, London

    “The food is amazing and authentic and staff are always sweet and fun. Get a glass while you wait – it’s worth it! And get the stuffed courgette flower (£7.80) – I still dream about that thing.” – MASH sous chef Louise Nielsen

    23. On the Bab, London

    On the Bab

    "I'm a sucker for all Asian food; any time, anywhere. The vegetable bibimbap with a side of kimchi at On the Bab is the ultimate comfort food." – Freya Coote @yeechoburmese

    Is there a cheap eat you think we're missing? Let us know in the comments and you might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed piece.