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    The 15 Most Disgusting Foods From Your Childhood


    1. Orange Calpol.

    You're unwell, but at least your mum is going to give you some of that sweet sweet Calpol. Wait. What? URGH IT'S THE ORANGE ONE.

    2. Lumpy porridge.

    Yawning, you roll into the kitchen, about to pour a bowl of Shreddies before a long day of school. But what's this? Nooooo!

    3. Milk of Magnesia.

    Noooooooo. Chalky, clogging up your throat. A tummy ache is better than this.

    4. Raisins.

    Grapes are so nice! Why are dried grapes so gross?

    5. Purple Ketchup.

    This should be so cool - ketchup, but green! But it's so gross, and so wrong. Like dipping your chips into slime.

    6. Sardines.


    Slimy smelly fish strips! Yuck yuck yuck.

    7. Crab sticks.


    The processed cheese of the seafood world. Woe betide the lunchbox that contained these.

    8. Vanilla Monster Munch.

    They promised so much. And delivered so little.

    9. Lumpy Angel Delight.

    Pudding in a packet? Witchcraft! Delicious witchcraft! Oh no. It's all lumpy. Yuck.

    10. A really really spicy meal.

    Alpha Flickr: avlxyz / Via Creative Commons

    Your mum promised that it wouldn't be that hot. She promised.

    11. Turkey Twizzlers.

    Even as kid, you knew that these were not real food.

    12. Corned beef.

    Even worse when served with cabbage.

    13. Cajun Squirrel Crisps.

    You knew these didn't actually have squirrel in them. But they were still spooky.

    14. School custard.

    Pudding should be the best part of lunch! But not this. Anything but this.

    15. Broccoli. Broccoli. BROCCOLI.

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