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    Posted on May 1, 2013

    The 15 Kinds Of People Who Play "Four Pics One Word"

    Come on, at least one of these is you.

    So, 4 Pics 1 Word is a free game for Apple or Android. You're presented with four pictures and a selection of letter tiles, and have to select the correct word to describe all four photos. Easy, right?

    Except, it's cryptic. And frustrating. And addictive. And before you know it, you're one of these guys...

    1. The joker.

    2. The chump who needs a dialling wand.

    3. The guy who doesn't even try.

    (It's 'play')

    4. The chap who doesn't seem to get the point of the game.

    5. The player who tells it like it is.

    6. The pal where you're surprised they've even gotten this far.

    (It's 'burnout')

    7. The user who won't stand for it.

    8. The desperate one who hopes flattery will help them.

    9. The friend who's had it up to here.

    10. The one who is downright flummoxed.

    11. The girl who just wants to move on.

    12. The lady who will resort to bribery if needs be.

    13. The friend who has a point to make.

    14. The Good Guy.

    15. The Gods who walk among us.

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