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    17 Tiny Necklaces That Are Too Cute To Function

    Add a touch of sparkle.

    1. This darling tiny triangle initial necklace.

    2. This charming tiny pinecone necklace.

    3. This mystical palmistry hand necklace.

    4. This adorable gold elephant necklace.

    5. This fierce tiny tusk necklace.

    6. This perfect geometric gold cube.

    7. This elegant gold lowercase letter necklace.

    8. These precious tiny gold skulls.

    9. This breathtaking freshwater pearl gold bar necklace.

    10. This need-it-now gold Eiffel Tower necklace.

    11. This picture perfect gold camera necklace.

    12. This dainty matte V necklace.

    13. This minimalist short gold necklace.

    14. This vibrant gold and turquoise necklace.

    15. This marvellous seashell necklace.

    16. This wonderful tiny gold skull necklace.

    17. This petite pineapple necklace.