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    9 Tried And Tested Products To Take Your Coffee To The Next Level

    Including a genius book that will tell you where to get the best coffee, no matter what city you're in.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A genius book that will tell you where to get the best coffee, no matter what city you're in.

    Ailbhe Malone/ BuzzFeed

    This is the sister book to Where to Eat Pizza aka the only kind of guide book you need. Whether you're discovering new places in your home town, or writing a hit list for your next holiday, it's indispensable.

    Get it on Amazon, £12.50

    2. A classic stovetop espresso maker that will last you a lifetime and make the smoothest espresso you've ever had.

    "We replaced our fancy, and expensive to run, pod coffee machine with this, alongside an electric grinder, and have never looked back. It makes the most beautiful, dark, thick, rich espresso, it's idiot proof and quick, and there is something so satisfying about watching that black nectar bubble up through the pipe. Properly cared for this will last a lifetime, great investment piece that is really used every single day." – G Billings

    Get it on Amazon, £26.70

    3. A re-usable coffee cup that comes with a bag of fresh beans to boot.

    "It's a naughty habit but I buy a coffee from Pret every single morning on my way to work. They're happy to take my cup (and you should take the leaflet's advice, give them a clean cup, keep the lid) they fill it to the brim, and then I snap the lid on really easily. Despite it being full, when I've tilted it by accident while carrying it DOES NOT LEAK. The mouth piece is really clever so you can have open/close spout. I personally take the lid off and drink from the cup when I get to work but I've never noticed a plastic taste so no complaints there. It handles the heat fine - not too hot to handle. And it looks great! However I wouldn't recommend as a flask to put in your bag as on its side I'm not sure it would stay leak proof." – Amazon Customer

    Get the KeepCup and Coffee combo for £17.95 on Amazon

    KeepCups are great if you want to drink your coffee shortly after making it/buying it, but if you want a cup that will retain heat over a long period, I'd recommend a Thermos. There's a good deal on this classic mug £6.90 on Amazon.

    4. An entire litre of Pumpkin Spice Syrup so you can make your own PSLs all season long.,

    "The smell doesn't come across particularly well when you smell it from the bottle. Once it's in your coffee and mixed in, though, it's a different thing altogether. It's a subtle sweetness with a bit of a cinnamon kick to it too. I have only tried it in black coffee as i'm not a fan of milky drinks. Mrs P though has had several lattes with this in (all made by me since 'you make them better...' - mug!) and she says that whilst it's not identical to the flavour Starbucks use, it's very similar, and if anything slightly better because it's not so sweet.

    If you haven't tried anything else from Monin's range, I can strongly recommend the Pain d'épices flavour (very like gingerbread) for tasty coffees over the winter, and the hazelnut one for making nutella-esque mochas." – Steven Piercy

    Get it on Amazon, £12.50

    5. An eco-friendly milk frother that means you can have the dreamiest mochas from the comfort of your own sofa.

    The Clouducinno froths up hot (and cold!) milk in 10 seconds, and you'll never run out of batteries, because you don't need them! It's the easiest way to make your morning cup of coffee that lil' bit fancier.

    Get it at Formahouse, £19

    6. A nifty caffetiére cosy that means you can take your time as you sip.

    "Yes it does work and I can't recommend enough. It also washes brilliantly and is tough wearing. Try this on your cafetiére you won't regret it and it will stop you wasting that last cup." – Tracy L

    Get it on Amazon, £8.50

    7. A space-saving coffee pod holder that will free up precious cupboard storage.,

    "Space saving at its finest, pod holder holds enough pods to keep me happy, the chrome looks great beside my Tassimo machine,

    Enough space to hold 8pods per holder and with 8 holders that's loads of hot drinks." – Ross Dawkins

    Get it on Amazon, £21.95

    8. A genius stain remover that will keep your favourite cups free of coffee stains, and your travel mug looking fresh.

    "I gave it a go and was impressed, so much so that I used it on all of my mugs which were slightly stained, two teaspoonfuls (one may have worked, but i was impatient) in each and hey presto, nice clean mugs, also worked a treat on the teaspoons, brought them up like new. " – Chris

    Get it on Amazon, £3

    9. A ceramic hand-grinder that will truly bring your beans to the next level.

    "OK so I'm a coffee nut and always want to have freshly ground coffee on my travels. However I've struggled with hand grinders either cos they don't pack well or they don't grind well. Electrics are OK in Europe, no good in USA and they are really noisy.

    This is a fantastic piece of kit, precision engineered so everything fits perfectly but comes apart to form an easy to pack tube. And it grinds & collects coffee without spilling anything. And it is quiet.

    If I lost it, I would go and buy one tomorrow. I've also solved my Xmas present problem giving one to each of my coffee nut friends & family." – Celia Bryce

    Get it on Amazon, £18.99

    If you want to add in a bag of fresh beans, I always recommend Pact, Caravan or Climpson and Sons.

    Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.