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    17 Stylish And Affordable Plus-Size Shops On The High Street

    No more tunics.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to reccomend the best plus-size shops in the UK. Here’s what they said:

    1. ASOS Curve

    Sizes: 18–30

    Average price: Dresses from £22, trousers from £22, shirts from £20

    "Asos Curve has a bit of everything. They don't tell you what you can't wear but instead offer you a selection of everything. Perfection." – rebeccaindiana

    "Definitely Asos Curve! They have a huge range of clothes which are super nice and not too expensive. They use a range of models which is great especially when most (including New Look and Dorothy Perkins) only use typical model sizes, even when they're catering for a wide range. It's reassuring, useful and also novel (!) to see clothes being modelled plus-size." – Beth Cooper on Facebook

    P.S. Here are some tips to save money when shopping at ASOS

    2. New Look Inspire

    Sizes: 18–32 (selected styles)

    Average price: Dresses from £13, trousers from £20, shirts from £15

    "New Look is good for dresses and jeans, for a size 16 like myself. I have recently bought a pair of New Look's Super Skinny jeans in size 16 (leg length = 30 inches), and they fit like a glove. They're perfect. I definitely recommend New Look for dresses and jeans for plus-size women. My experience has always been good with their clothes." – Sophie Stephenson on Facebook

    "I love the New Look Inspire range – fantastic for dresses, and not too expensive either (perfect for students like me)." – Frances McGinn on Facebook

    3. Missguided

    Sizes: 16–24

    Average price: Dresses from £20, shirts from £30, trousers from £20

    "Missguided now does a plus-size range! I think that sometimes plus-size clothing can be really unfashionable but nowadays there is so much choice!" – Becky Mei Jenkins on Facebook

    4. Dorothy Perkins

    Size: 16–22

    Average price: Dresses from £16, tops from £12, trousers from £18

    "I love Dorothy Perkins! They do the cutest day dresses that I wear to work. They fit my bust perfectly without it looking baggy around my waist! – Kymberley "Kraz" Jamieson on Facebook

    "Asos Curve and Dorothy Perkins are my go-tos usually" – hollyh32

    5. BooHoo

    Sizes: 16–24

    Average price: Dresses from £18, tops from £16, trousers from £25

    "I've found recently that Boohoo's basics range is good for skirts, true to size, and nice material." – Sophie Stephenson on Facebook

    "Boohoo have a really great plus size range from 16–24 with really gorgeous items – no godforsaken 'tunics' every woman over a size 12 seems to be affronted with to be seen!" – Sephra Greening-Jackson on Facebook

    6. Forever 21

    Sizes: 18–24 (on the UK site it's listed as US sizes, which is a bit fiddly, but there's a sizing chart with measurements which makes things clearer)

    Average price: Dresses from £12, shirts from £12, trousers from £15

    "Forever 21 has a great plus-size section! Great jackets that actually fit and jeans that feel comfortable." – Rebecca Roberts on Facebook

    7. Yours Clothing

    Sizes: 14–36

    Average price: Dresses from £19, shirts from £14, trousers from £23

    "Definitely Yours. I can just about shop in Dorothy Perkins now, being a size 22, but back when I was a size 32 Yours was my only option for something affordable that I didn't hate wearing" – turtlewexler

    "Yours Clothing is where 90% of my clothes come from. Comfy yet stylish, goes up to size 36 in some lines and affordable. They have shops and a website (and had David Hasselhoff's daughter as their model for a while!)." – invisiblemousse

    8. Bon Prix

    Sizes: 14–32

    Average price: Dresses from £30, tops from £15, trousers from £15

    "Bon Prix stock the best seam-free underwire bra for those blessed with massive knockers." – ninam49978d60d

    9. Peacocks

    Sizes: 14–22 (selected styles)

    Average price: Dresses from £8, shirts from £14, trousers from £9

    "I've found that Peacocks is really good! Some dresses could use a bit more give around the breasticles, but the jeans fit amazingly." – sabinaroseb

    10. Simply Be

    Sizes: 12–32

    Average price: Dresses from £20, shirts from £20, trousers from £25.

    (It's worth noting that Simply Be has a "Love the Price" range which is cheaper than the main range, where dresses are around £50/60)

    "I don't know if they count for high street but I have a couple Simply Be dresses I really like (but they're too expensive for me in general)." – Frances McGinn on Facebook

    "Simply Be has some good bits from time to time but the new ranges seem to be coming in smaller and smaller sizes and their interest rates are astronomical!" – claireh4f8f7bc58

    11. Violeta by Mango

    Sizes: 14–22

    Average price: Dresses from £45, shirts from £45, trousers from £60

    "Violeta by Mango." – jenniferl47f7c1032

    12. H&M

    Sizes: 14–38

    Average price: Dresses from £25, shirts from £15, trousers from £25

    "H&M's plus size range on their site is good for tops, dresses, and skirts but the trousers/jeans are VERY unforgiving and make you go up a fair few sizes. I'm a size UK18 and not even the size 28 at times fits properly. Rude." – Mish Smash on Facebook

    13. East End Thrift Shop

    This massive vintage shop in east London is cheap and packed with bargains for all body types. Check out Curvy Correct's write-up.

    "East End Thrift Shop!" – maggiem428f32a00

    14. Rokit

    If you can't get to the East End Thrift Shop, then Rokit is not bad for online vintage, although you'll have to get your tape measure out.

    For example, the cropped velvet jacket above is £25, and comes in a 56" chest. The dungarees are £30 and have a 40" waist.

    All measurements are listed on the items' pages, and returns are very straightforward.

    15. Primark

    16. TK Maxx

    Sizes: 12–20

    Average price: It will vary depending on the store, but online these trousers are £19.99, and this dress is £29.99

    "TK Maxx sometimes has good plus-sized items, but their range is limited." – Daisy Jean Hollands on Facebook

    17. Florence and Fred

    Sizes: 16–28

    Average price: Dresses from £30, shirts from £18

    "I go for Florence and Fred for tops and jeans but generally I think it's down to your style. I like floaty tops with skinny jeans and boots for everyday, and for posh eveningwear, Jane Norman was always good." – lydialalam

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