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15 Easy And Affordable Stocking Fillers To Buy Right Now

Something for everybody.

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1. World’s Hottest Chilli Powders in a Matchbox, £6

Add some firepower to your Christmas dinner with these three potent vials. We're not sure how well they'll pair with sprouts, but there's only one way to find out.

You should buy this for: Daredevil foodies, people who scorn "lemon and herb" as a Nando's sauce choice.

4. TfL Tupperware, £8

Pack your sandwich in this very transportable tupperware – the District line one would be great for carrying hummus, for example. Which would be the first time the District line has ever been useful.

You should buy this for: TfL fans, packed-lunch enthusiasts.


10. Drink Stirrer, £10

This drink stirrer is truly lovely, and the pine adds a festive touch. Plunge it into a tall gin and tonic and watch the bubbles fizz.

You should buy this for: Those who drink their booze with a touch of class.