Emoji Yoga Exists, And It Is All You Could Ever Want

*smiling turd pose*

1. Emoji Yoga (or #emoga) is yoga inspired by emojis.

Sam Mitchell

2. It was created by this Londoner, Charlotte Bell, 20.

Sam Mitchell

3. She gives private lessons to friends in Hackney and UCL.

Sam Mitchell

4. The flow of the class is inspired by classic emojis.

Sam Mitchell

According to the Evening Standard, the class starts with “a poo (turd) emoji task warm-up position. Participants adopt a foetal position – which essentially looks like a happy crap. They then stretch out for a screaming cat-face emoji, then an angry yellow person with facemask posture, followed by a dancing lady with a red dress asana.”

5. Classes are arranged through Emojili, the Emoji-only social network.

Sam Mitchell

Charlotte sends emojis to participants using WhatsApp, then sends the location in a normal text message.

6. “Yoga is the perfect way to express one’s current emoji mood,” Charlotte explains.

Sam Mitchell

“London is desperate to do social media rather than talk about it,” she told reporter Nimrod Kamer in the Evening Standard. “I’m tired of people misunderestimating this language, while at the same time trying to mime in a random way so that they just look like an emoji without intending to.”

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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