17 Apps That Will Help You Fall Asleep Easily

    Sweet dreams.

    1. F.lux

    2. Sleep Cycle

    Probably one of the best-known sleep apps, Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep patterns throughout the night. Then, using a 30 minute alarm window, Sleep Cycle will wake you in your lightest sleep phase. You can then view the data and see how well you slept, and if you can change any outside factors to have a subsequent better night's sleep.

    Available on iOS (£0.69) and Android (£0.99). For a more high-tech version, try MotionX: 24/7 Sleeptracker. Or for Android-only, try Sleep as Android.

    3. Sleepio

    Created by Colin Espie, Professor of Sleep Medicine and Professor at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Oxford , Sleepio follows an evidence-based CBT sleep improvement program.

    Once a week, you log on for a personalised twenty-minute session with 'the Prof' (see the cartoon above), and learn a range of cognitive and behavioral techniques to help you sleep. You then practise those techniques during the week. You can also import your tracked sleep data from Jawbone or Healthkit.

    Users can get unlimited free help from the Prof for seven days. You can then pay £14.99 a week for weekly course sessions (with the option to cancel anytime), or pay £99 for the full CBT course and 12 week's support. Alternatively, you can pay £149 for a full CBT course and a year's support. It's pricey, but it's worth noting it has excellent reviews through the NHS's health apps library.

    The app is available on iOS.

    4. Sleep Genius

    Developed following research to help astronauts fall asleep, Sleep Genius aims to train you fall asleep, without depending on white noise or similar. It claims to be especially good for sleep deprivation.

    Available on iOS (£2.99) and Android (free to download but with in-app purchases).

    5. Sleepy Time

    6. Simply Being

    Distinct from other meditation apps in that it offers step-by-step voice-guided sessions. Meditation lengths can go from 5, 10, 15, 20 to 30 minutes, and you can choose whether or not to have music or nature sounds in the background.

    Available on iOS (£1.49) and Android (£1.24).

    7. Yoga for Insomnia

    Drawing on Hatha yoga, and combining stress reduction techniques and the effects of exercise, the idea is that by following the exercises in this app, you will "increase your mind’s ability to calm itself, helping to overcome insomnia."

    It's available on iOS (£2.99) and Android (£3.19).

    8. Universal Breathing - Pranayama

    A simple guide to slow, meditative breathing, based on the principles of yoga.

    A basic version is availble on Android for free, but an upgraded version is available for a fee.

    9. Sleepmaker Rain

    This app is cool, as it uses real rain noises. It might also be well suited to young children who have difficulty falling asleep. Even while you're asleep, your brain is alert to sounds that might mean danger. Research has shown that "white noise or nature sounds" can drown out noises while you sleep.

    Available free on Android.

    10. Sleep Pillow

    A relaxing white noise generator, with over 70 sounds to fall asleep to. You can also create your own combination of sounds (for example, wind and rain). Available on iOS (£1.49) and Android. On iOS, you could also try aSleep which is slightly cheaper at £0.69.

    11. Pzizz

    A combination of soothing music and voice to help you nod off. Pzizz's USP is that it creates a new track every time you listen, to fit the length you select. This means that your relaxation soundtrack is uniquely tailored to your needs.

    There's a slightly confusing combination of apps. Use Pzizz Engergiser (£2.99) for power naps. And Pzizz Sleep (£2.99) to help you fall asleep at night. Pzziz itself (free) has a combination of both Energiser and Sleep. Pzizz is currently iOS only.

    Featuring a 27-minute hypnotherapy session, which promises to "take you on a relaxing journey into the deepest levels of self-hypnosis."

    Free on iOS and on Android.

    13. Relax Melodies

    A relaxing sounds generator, which allows you to create and save a 'sleep mix' of sounds you like.

    The app is free on iOS and Android.

    14. Spin Me Alarm Clock

    If you're a deep sleeper and have trouble getting up, then SpinMe could help. It's an alarm clock that can only be turned off it you get up from bed and spin around. They add, "think you can cheat and simply spin the device while still in bed? Try and see for yourself!"

    Available on iOS (£1.49) and Android (free to download but with in-app purchases).

    15. Alarm Tunes

    Use your own music as an alarm and create alarm playlists with this music alarm clock.

    Available on iOS (£1.49).

    16. Power Nap

    Power Nap is a basic nap scheduler. You can set your timer for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes, and choose from a range of sounds to accompany it. Android only at present.

    17. Sunriser

    If you enable location services, this app will wake you up at exact sunrise in your city.

    Available on iOS (£0.69).