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21 Things I Learned At Sing-Along-A-"Frozen"


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1. This is Prince Charles Cinema in London, and it hosts a Sing-Along-a-Frozen.

Ryan Grimley/BuzzFeed

It hosted its first Sing-Along-a-Frozen on 17 May 2014, and now has screenings "once or twice a week, with the other sing-alongs alternating once a week too", the cinema's Richard Hayward tells BuzzFeed Life.

3. There are, as you would imagine, plenty of Elsas.

(What is the group noun for Elsas? An icicle of Elsas?)

"I know literally everything about Frozen," shouts an 8-year-old. "I don't need the lyrics!" To prove this, she begins singing: "The snow blows..."


5. And lots of grown-ups too.

Ryan Grimley/BuzzFeed

A small Elsa named Sophie is sat next to me. "Are you excited?" I ask. She nods. "A friend at work told me about this," her mum says, adding: "He brought his girlfriend!"

6. There is a real-life Elsa to warm us all up.

She is very good at singing, and at being a princess.

7. And then it's time for a fancy-dress parade.

Ryan Grimley/BuzzFeed

A very regal selection of princesses (including a mum-and-daughter Elsa team) curtsy on the stage. We find out it's a princess named Erin's fifth birthday, so she is serenaded.


12. "Let It Go" is terrific fun.

(Turn the audio on for this)


21. Luckily, you can!

Don't worry if you missed it this time round. Hayward tells BuzzFeed Life that Sing-Along-a-Frozen is currently so popular that it's "booked for multiple shows every weekend from now until the end of June 2015!"