23 Signs You're The Tidy One

    Monicas of the world, unite.

    1. You've always been neat.

    2. And tidiness is in your nature.

    3. This is what your desktop looks like.

    4. You find this strangely soothing.

    5. You can't sit down until the room is tidy.

    6. You clean up as soon as you've eaten dinner.

    7. And of course, you do a 'big clean' once a week.

    8. I mean, who wants to relax in a messy room?

    9. You buy Good Housekeeping for the cleaning tips.

    10. This makes you indescribably angry.

    11. So does this.

    12. But it's hard when your flat-mates aren't as tidy as you.

    13. Secretly, you are convinced that this is how they clean the house.

    14. You don't understand people don't put these in the bin, instead of the bathroom floor.

    15. You have strong arms from always carrying these out.

    16. You have to stop yourself from saying this daily.

    17. Nope.

    18. You try your best, but when you find toenail clippings in the bathroom...

    19. And you see hair in the shower plug...

    20. It becomes hard to keep your cool.

    21. So you end up doing most of the cleaning yourself.

    22. And although Monica Geller is your idol.

    23. You always wish that this was a possibility.