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    19 Signs You're A Chocoholic

    Sweet sweet chocolate.

    1. You have your favourite overseas chocolates.

    2. This is your kind of pizza.

    3. Nutella is more than a spreadable delight.

    4. It's a way of life.

    5. You know all the myths.

    6. You cling to studies that prove chocolate is good for you.

    7. You have your favourite chocolate-based sayings.

    8. And your favourite chocolate-based gifs.

    9. This is your kind of cookbook.

    10. And you're not letting dietary restrictions get in the way of your fix.

    11. You're not picky about format.

    12. Or method of delivery.

    13. You're experimental.

    14. This is sound logic.

    15. Chocolate is an incentive.

    16. And a reward.

    17. This is how you heal your cuts.

    18. You only see one interesting thing in this bowl.

    19. You didn't think Augustus Gloop had it so bad.