17 Signs You Live On The Internet

What’s your wifi password?

1. You’re happy when the weather is bad.

2. You have forgotten what a bedtime is.

3. This sounds terrible to you.

Overheard in Dublin


Dundrum S/C - Mother to teenage son: “You know the deal Sean, you don’t get today’s Wifi password until you walk the dog”

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4. You have well-researched obsessions that last for about an hour, fifteen times a day.

Ailbhe Malone


Fully obsessed with monomeals. http://t.co/w0RPV8CMB5

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5. You get your news from Twitter, your gifs from Tumblr and your pics from Imgur.

7. You’ve known your online best friends for longer than most of your other friends.

8. You feel like this is basically your parents.

9. When your favourite blogger updates.

10. When someone asks if you’ve seen ‘this one funny cat photo’.

11. But when someone tells you that a trailer for your favourite show has leaked.

12. You have said ‘LOL’ out loud more than once.

13. This sounds about right.

14. You know that there is nothing worse than a spoon that is too big.


15. This is a real concern.

16. You are not being dramatic when you announce this.


17. If you could do this, you would. In fact, you have.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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