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7 Self-Care Tips To Try This Week

Small change, big difference.

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1. If you have 3 minutes: Visit this soothing website.


I like having sometime to do with my hands when I'm feeling worried –

so websites that encourage you to take deep breaths don't really do it for me. I like Neon Flames though. You just click the colours, and draw a nebula on your screen.


3. If you have 10 minutes: Remind yourself that it doesn't matter how other people view you.

I can't get enough of this essay by the fabulous Louise McSharry.

"I was a fat bride, with three size eight bridesmaids, and still I was the star of the show, because I was so happy.

It didn’t matter that I had hardly any hair after six months of chemotherapy. It wasn’t important that I was several sizes larger than many women would deem acceptable for a bride. I glowed. I laughed. I danced until five o’clock in the morning. I was beautiful. I was a size 20, I was beautiful and I was myself. Because I am not a work in progress. I am not a thin person trapped inside a fat person’s body. I am not waiting “until I lose the weight” to live my life."

4. If you have 15 minutes: Document how you are feeling.

Bad days and meh days are just as important to document as good ones. Don't erase or edit your experiences. Or you could always read about someone else's experiences This photographer documented her treatment with lupus.

5. If you have 20 minutes: Make a new recipe.

You don't even have to make the recipe to feel the benefit – my colleague Rachael wrote a brilliant piece about how she watches cooking shows, and reads recipes. to soothe her anxieties. She inspired me to buy a second-hand copy of Nigella Lawson's How To Eat on Amazon, to dip into.

"During a seminar one afternoon in early 2012, I began thinking of food, and an image stuck in my brain: bread. Homemade bread, stuffed with rich deli meat and mozzarella. I knew right away I couldn’t buy it anywhere. It had to be homemade, and that made it even more appealing.

I went to my room and started searching words. “Bread, meat stuffed, tv show.” Eventually I found the clip: from Jamie Oliver’s first TV series, The Naked Chef. He makes a bread for a hangover breakfast, stuffed with egg, ham, cheeses, and herbs. Being able to find the recipe and bookmark it, knowing I had the video at hand for future panic, was reassuring.

Throughout my first year of uni I would repeat this process: feel scared, find food show, watch. I’d watch episodes and clips over and over until the recipes became ingrained in my mind. When I got a TV in my first student house I would write all my essays with Food Network on in the background. I’d spend hours in our cold basement kitchen watching YouTube repeats."

6. If you have 30 minutes: Throw out some old clothes.

Ailbhe Malone/BuzzFeed

Wear what makes you feel good. I had a rough week recently, where it was all I could do to wash my hair, and put on some clothes, and get to work on time. What helped me through it was having a filtered wardrobe. At least once a month, I try everything on and throw out/give to charity anything that doesn't fit, or doesn't go with at least two other items in my wardrobe. Which means I now own a lot of polo necks, denim, and stripped t-shirts. And a giant faux-fur coat (above).

Knowing that I didn't have any clothes that were going to make me feel shitty took meant I had one thing less to worry about. I could shove an arm into my wardrobe and grab literally anything – I didn't have to try on, or question or even think about what I would wear that day. Everything, at least for that moment, felt right.

7. If you have 30 seconds: Read this tweet.

This is a weekly series. Comment below or @ me with your suggestions for easy self-care tips and you could feature in the next edition!