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17 Things All Long-Term Best Friends Know To Be True


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1. We can't really remember how we met, or how long ago.

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You can remember the time you first met your college best friend, but as for your LTBFF (Long-Term BFF)? It could have been that tennis camp? Or English class in secondary school? All that matters is that one day, we became friends.


6. We are stupidly proud of each other's achievements, no matter how small.

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Whether they're a nurse ("This is my friend, she SAVES LIVES") or a statistician ("Do you know how smart my friend is? SO SMART") or they've just learned to drive ("This is my friend, she can DRIVE!").


9. But when it comes to introductions, we get nervous.

I have known this person for the past 15 years, and so much of my life is their life, what if my new friends don't like them? What if my new friends like them more than me?

10. Sometimes it's annoying how much we know about each other.

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They have a tally of every single embarrassing crush, bad outfit, and dietary preference. Which is why they won't ever let you get away with saying "I don't think gluten agrees with me", because they have seen you chowing down on pizzas since time began.

11. And, as they change as a person, it's annoying how little we know about each other too.

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When you've spent so much of your life with a friend, change is sometimes unsettling. If you don't know this about them, how much else don't you know?