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19 Things Every Vegetarian Must Eat Before They Die

Featuring zero stuffed peppers, promise.

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1. The “Notdog” at Bloc, Glasgow.

Yeah, tofu dogs are great, but this bad boy instead combines falafel, veggie chilli, avocado, apricots, walnuts, AND cheese sauce. They recommend pairing it with Beavertown Neck Oil beer. We recommend pairing it with seasoned French fries.

2. Meat-free meatballs at Samphire Brasserie, Plymouth.

Oodles of courgette noodles, marinara sauce, and juicy meat-free meatballs, topped with pesto. If that doesn't tick your boxes (or if you have strong feelings about courgette noodles) then take on their buffalo cauliflower instead: battered, baked cauliflower in a hot and spicy sauce served with a garlic mayo. And it's all 100% dairy-free.


4. A loaded plate at Ethos, London.

Ethos is basically a vegetarian Pinterest buffet – beautiful salads, luscious baba ghanoush, roasted cauliflower, and aloo gobi Scotch eggs are far as the eye can see. Be warned: You pay by the weight, so be wary of plonking too many baby roast potatoes on your plate.

5. Falafel at Falafel King, Bristol.

Not Falafel Prime Minister. The ~king~. The bread comes from the only Middle Eastern bakery in Bristol. So you know this stuff is good.

6. Lunch at Café Roya, Nottingham.

You won't spot a stuffed pepper or a goat's cheese salad at this veggie paradise. Think kimchee burgers or lentil and ricotta croquettes. To be honest, even the soup looks amazing.

7. Tofush and chips at Norman's Coach and Horses, London.

Tabatha Leggett/ BuzzFeed

Tofush and chips like you're never had it before, at this Soho vegetarian institution. Perfectly cooked tofu, wrapped in a seaweed cloak, then coated in a crunchy batter. It's served with a zingy tartar sauce, peas, and chips. Delicious.


8. Macaroni pie and chips at Old Salty’s, Glasgow.

Order the carbfest of your dreams at this stylish chippy. Sharp cheddar cheese and perfectly cooked macaroni, encased in a buttery pie case. Oh, and chips. Loads and loads of chips.

9. Crispy arancini balls at Gas Street Social, Birmingham.

Jack Spicer Adams / Via

All of Gas Street Social's vegetarian sharing plates are good (Tempura vegetables! Sweet potato cake!), but it's the arancini that really stands out. Wild mushroom and truffle rice balls, with a garlic mayo for dunking. Delightful.

10. A loaded tofu dog from Beelzebab, Brighton.


Vegan doner kebabs + tofu dogs = hangover food that even meat lovers will enjoy. Go for broke with the mustard, or be brave and try the Pappadog: mango chutney, curry ketchup and crushed papadums on a tofu dog.

11. Ploughman’s lunch and a pint at The Fat Cat, Sheffield.

Hunks of cheese, crusty bread and pickle make for the perfect partner to a refreshing pint from this real ale pub. Or for cold and rainy days, snuggle up with a Mushroom and Sage pie.


12. Chickpeas and rice at Al Bab Mansour, Bristol.

The phrase "chickpeas and rice" might not make your heart sing, but the aromatic Moroccan flavours in this dish sure will. Wash it down with a cup of sweet mint tea, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the market.

13. Dumplings from Alplings, Edinburgh.


These mouth-watering alpine dumplings not only have the cutest name, but they also deliver! And the sauces, OMG the sauces – parmesan buttermelt, horseradish, mushroom and gorgonzola. Plus there's apple strudel for pudding if you've got the space.

14. Veggie Sunday roast at The Prince George, Brighton.

There are no mushroom risottos on the menu here – as this sample Sunday menu shows. Think sweet potato, peanut, lime, and coriander Wellington or a baked flat mushroom with leek and cheddar nut roast. The falafel burger (above) isn't bad either.

15. Himalayan cheese on toast at Mowgli, Liverpool.


The Indian street food at Mowgli is good, but the cheese on toast takes it to another level. Sharp cheddar, red onion, and a green chilli dressing, served with pickle. Basically, book your train to Liverpool post-haste.


16. A ciabatta at Tin Kitchen, Cambridge.

Twitter: @Tin_kitchen

Sometimes you just want a really great sandwich. And if that sandwich happens to be an artisanal ciabatta from Tin Kitchen, so much the better. Our money's on the halloumi and aubergine combo you can see above.

17. A cheese and vegetable pasty at Philps Cornish Pasty, Hayle.

This flaky pastry pocket is best eaten on the seafront, followed by a piping hot cup of tea. Not in Cornwall? Don't worry, they'll deliver.

18. Pani Puri at The Hungry Gecko, Manchester.

The Hungry Gecko

Jackie Kearney, the owner of The Hungry Gecko, really knows her stuff. So much so that she's even written a cookbook called Vegan Street Food. There are many veggie delights on the menu here, but the pani puri and veggie duck spring rolls are a must. The best bit? She makes her own vegan fish sauce too.

19. Plant-based tapas at El Piano, York.

This vegan and gluten-free joint has been serving up fantastic food for 17 years, and it's not hard to see why it's a success. Go for a coconut dhal or a Bolivian carrot patty – whatever you order, it'll be delicious.