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    Posted on Nov 28, 2013

    Ruby The Dog Is Animal Weight Loss Champion Of The Year After Losing A Third Of Her Bodyweight

    Go Ruby!

    Ruby the Jack Russell Terrier has been named the UK’s pet slimming champion of 2013. She lost a third of her bodyweight between May and November 2013.

    Here she is, looking at all the weight she's lost. The Fit Club was held by the PDSA - the UK's leading veterinary charity.

    Nyah the Cocker Spaniel also took part. She lost a stone. Now she loves broccoli.

    Poppie the Golden Retriever lost 21% of her bodyweight during the Fit Club. Congrats Poppie!

    Mizzy the Bull Mastiff was the heaviest dog to ever take part in the Fit Club. But she also lost 20 per cent of her body weight. Go Mizzy!

    Oscar, a Spaniel/Collie cross, also lost over a stone. Well done Oscar!

    But mainly, applause for Ruby.

    PDSA Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Elaine Pendlebury says: "The weight loss means she will feel much fitter and happier, and her life expectancy is likely to be longer now than she has shed the excess weight.”

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