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    17 London Rooftop Bars You Must Visit Before You Die

    Fun in the sun.

    1. Queen of Hoxton

    Queen of Hoxton
    Queen of Hoxton

    The Queen of Hoxton is always a solid summertime bet. They have a special bar on the rooftop (no trekking downstairs to get a drink) and a BBQ to boot. This summer, the rooftop is Cuban-themed.

    Nearest station: Shoreditch High Street

    2. Frank's Café


    Frank's and London summertime, go together like Gin and Tonic. Or more appropriately, gin and campari. Frank's signature drink is a Negroni, best sipped while gazing out across the London skyline.

    Nearest station: Peckham Rye

    3. The Boundary

    The Boundary
    The Boundary

    An East London institution, this dreamy roof terrace is super-popular. That means you might have to wait for a table, but once you have your table, you're not under any kind of time limit. So, you can settle in for evening.

    Nearest station: Shoreditch High Street

    4. The Faltering Fullback

    Faltering Fullback
    Faltering Fullback

    A big, friendly local pub, the Fullback's real draw is its massive beer garden. Multi-layered, with terraces and nooks and crannies, you'll always find a seat. And they do really good Thai food.

    Nearest station: Finsbury Park

    5. The Old Fountain

    The Old Fountain

    This pub is a real gem on Old Street. The terrace is quiet, they won CAMRA East London pub of the year in 2013, and their food menu looks pretty good too.

    Nearest station: Old Street

    6. Mr Fogg's

    Mr Fogg's
    Mr Fogg's

    The Hendrick’s Botanical Garden at Mr Fogg's is a more gentle way to get some fresh air. This dainty, elevated garden is inspired by Victorian travellers, so you can expect ceiling fans, lush fronds, and devilishly strong cocktails.

    Nearest station: Green Park

    7. The Bussey Building

    Bussey Building

    Plan a Peckham rooftop excursion, and visit the Bussey after Frank's. The Bussey is busy and vibrant, with loads of events happening on the floors below. Meanwhile, why not catch a movie on the Rooftop?

    Nearest station: Peckham

    8. Big Chill House

    Big Chill House
    Big Chill House

    Big, and, well, chilled, this is a nifty King's Cross option. There's loads of space up on the roof (pictured is only half of the area), and there's a BBQ hut too.

    Nearest station: King's Cross St Pancras

    9. The Prince of Wales Feathers

    Prince of Wales Feathers
    Prince of Wales Feathers

    If you're searching for an airy space for central London drinks, then head to the Prince of Wales Feathers. Their roof terrace has had a recent refurb, and they also do a nice range of craft beers.

    Nearest station: Warren Street

    10. The Prince of Wales

    The Prince of Wales
    The Prince of Wales

    This Brixton pub has a super-late license, which means that as long as the sun stays out, so can you. The music is always good, and they also serve wood-fired pizzas. What more could you want?

    Nearest station: Brixton

    11. Dalston Roof Park

    Dalston Roof Park
    Dalston Roof Park

    Lounge in a deckchair in the sun, sip on some custom craft beer, and perhaps nibble on some Middle Eastern Barbeque food.

    If you sign up for a £5 membership, not only do you get free access to film screenings, you're also making a charity donation.

    Nearest station: Dalston Kingsland

    12. Sky Lounge

    Sky Lounge
    Sky Lounge

    This 12th floor terrace offers incredible views of the shard along with summertime fun activities like ten pin bowling.

    The downside? It's a little pricy (alcoholic drinks start at £6). On the plus side, you can reserve an area for 10 people or more.

    Nearest station: Fenchurch Street

    13. Netil House

    Netil House
    Netil House

    During the day, Netil house is a vibrant co-working space, and as the sun goes down their giant rooftop turns into a bar. There's plenty of seating – from deckchairs to beanbags – and they serve a mean Espresso Martini.

    Nearest station: London Fields

    14. Kensington Roof Gardens

    Kensington Roof Gardens
    Kensington Roof Gardens

    The Kensington Roof Gardens are undeniably stunning, and free for the public to visit. You can book ahead for a wander around, or be smarter still and book a cocktail on the Babylon Terrace.

    Cocktails start at £11, and you have a view out across the the English Woodland garden, complete with four real flamingos.

    Nearest station: High Street Kensington

    15. The Fox

    The Fox

    This top-notch craft beer pub also has a stealthy roof garden. Sun-dappled and spacious, what more could you want? Bonus! They have the best pub dog in London.

    Nearest station: Haggerston

    16. Madison

    Paul Winch-Furness

    Perfectly positioned, this swanky suntrap offers one of the best views in London. Drinks start at £5 for a glass of wine, but they also serve coffees from £2.50.

    (Don't fancy staying for drinks? The view from here is awesome too.)

    Nearest station: St Paul's

    17. Sky Garden

    Sky Garden

    So, the Sky Garden isn't a bar per se, but it consists of three dreamy stories of gardens, and a roof terrace. And, once you're in the gardens, there's a great bar. The best bit? You can book in advance, so there's no queuing.

    Nearest station: Monument

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