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17 Mouth-Watering Meals From The Movies

Table for two!

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for their favourite romantic meal from a movie. And then we figured out how to re-create them.

1. Tramp's Meatballs from Lady and the Tramp

Get the recipe here. Bonus points if you nudge the last meatball to your sweetie with your nose.

"I immediately thought of Lady and the Tramp. I mean the guy offered his last meatball to Lady! The. Last. Meatball!!! Totally a keeper and so totally romantic." – Suggested by ravenbard.


2. The Grilled Cheese from Chef

Fancy up your date night with this fontina grilled cheese. Or take it a step further and make a pizza grilled cheese.

"The grilled cheese scene in Chef, I have never wanted to make out with food as much as I wanted to make out with the grilled cheese that Jon Favreau's character makes. So I mean, that makes it romantic, right? If you don't know the scene, find it on YouTube right now". – Suggested by Danielle Magnuson

3. Tita's Rose Petal Quail from Like Water For Chocolate

Fresh and fragrant (and potent, as the film shows), this luxurious dish is a dream date. Get the recipe here.

"The scene in Like Water for Chocolate when Tita is making quail in rose petal sauce and afterwards when the meal is being enjoyed. It is very romantic and sensual, and beautifully filmed. The relationship between food, romance, and sex is wonderfully explored in this movie, especially in this particular part." – Suggested by Jacki Demchak

4. Perfect Hot Chocolate from Chocolat

This easy peasy hot chocolate gets an extra boost from the floating meringue, as well as oodles of chocolate shavings. Get the recipe here.

"The scene in Chocolat when Vianne tries to guess Roux's favourite kind of chocolate and keeps getting it wrong until the end when he comes back to live with her and she makes him hot cocoa." – Suggested by Colleen Deitrich

6. Perfect Pancakes from No Reservations

Perfectly fluffy pancakes, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Get the recipe here.

"The ending scene in No Reservations, where Kate and Nick make pancakes for their Kate-Nick-and-Zoe's Bistro. Touching, sweet, and the most romantic food/cooking-based movie out there" – Suggested by Paige R. Hackett


7. Diner Burgers from Good Will Hunting

Keep it simple with a delicious cheeseburger, grilled how you like 'em. Pickle optional. Get the recipe here.

"Good Will Hunting: Will and Skylar kissing while eating burgers at the diner. "I think I got some of your pickle!"– Suggested by Justine Fitting

8. Howl's Breakfast from Howl's Moving Castle

Yeah fried eggs and bacon are good, but to make things truly magical go to the next level. An egg fried INSIDE a grilled cheese. That's breakfast magic that Howl would be proud of. Get the recipe here.


10. Vegetable Curry from The Hundred Foot Journey

Tuck into a delicious mushroom and cauliflower masala, and see February's grey days fly away. Get the recipe here.

"Definitely Helen Mirren feeding Om Puri the tasty treats she's passing about during the Bastille Day celebration. This whole movie was really a collection of romantic food scene after romantic food scene. But let's face it, if it were me? I might be willing to sell my first born child to dabble in a curry or three with Manish Dayal." – Suggested by mikahs


12. Lonely Chicago Pie from Waitress

Turn that lonely pie into a happy one, by adding endless M&Ms. Get the recipe here.

"Waitress ! When Jenna shows Dr. Pomatter how to make Lonely Chicago pie and sings the song her mom sang her. "Baby don't you cry, gonna make a pie, and hold you forever in the middle of my heart" – Suggested by stephanies4815c50b4.

13. Annie's Carrot Cake from Bridesmaids

Have your sorry cake, and eat it too. Get the recipe here.

"In Bridesmaids when Annie makes the carrot cake for Rhodes, and she thinks he doesn't eat it at first and it breaks her heart… But when he tells her that he really did eat it, it's symbolic of their growing and healing relationship!"– Suggested by dianamiller

14. Mendl's Pastries from The Grand Budapest Hotel

Pile your choux buns high to make the elusive Courtesan au Chocolat, or keep it easy with some Mendl's cookies. Get the recipe here.

"Zero and Agatha's baking from The Grand Budapest Hotel!"– Suggested by adriklarinet

15. Fried Green Tomatoes from Fried Green Tomatoes

Yeah, fried green tomatoes are divine, but take them to the next level with bacon and cheese to really show off. Get the recipe here.

"I love the scene in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes where Ruth and Idgie make said tomatoes. The director has said that he intended that scene to be a sex scene of sorts, and it's really cute and shows off the playfulness of their relationship." – Suggested by libertym446d6b68f.

16. Morning After Breakfast from Mr and Mrs Smith

Sure, Brad and Angie forage for apples in the wreckage of their house, but I reckon strawberry and nutella French toast is probably a more suitable morning-after option. Get the recipe here.

"The morning after breakfast enjoyed by Mr and Mrs Smith. Drinking out of cracked glasses and eating whatever survived the fridge being shoot-up. Being all tender after the gun foreplay and battle sex." – Suggested by morag08

17. Ron's Chicken Drumsticks from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Take a your feast a step up from chicken and go for turkey. Deep fry your turkey for a crispy coating, with a perfectly cooked interior. Ron would approve. Get the recipe here.

"U know Ron was in a committed relationship with food…" – Suggested by amazingaimz


Ron's fond of chicken legs. A previous version of this post said he was eating turkey legs.