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    18 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Eggs

    Yes we know the smell of boiled eggs is like a rancid fart, but they're so worth it.

    1. The humble egg is a goddamn gift.

    If someone hands you an egg, accept. It's the greatest sign of love.

    2. They are the quickest and easiest food to make – and completely satisfying.

    3. And even if you do FUCK up while making them, they're so versatile you can almost always salvage the meal.

    There are approximately 45 seconds between "I'll make us an omelet" and "We're having scrambled eggs."

    4. Boiled eggs make the perfect portable breakfast or snack.

    Naked King / Getty Images/ BuzzFeed

    Just look at how this woman is eating her boiled egg! So easy!

    5. (Gaston knows what's up).


    6. Yes we know the smell of boiled eggs is like a rancid fart, but they're so worth it.

    Mean Girls/ Paramount

    Maybe you even kinda like the smell, like how you kinda like the smell of your own farts? No? Anyone?

    7. Can we just remember that the best puns are egg puns?

    Flo Perry/ BuzzFeed

    Thank for just being a laugh, eggs.

    8. Adding a fried egg to any meal literally makes it 10x better.

    4kodiak / Getty Images

    This is a fact, don't fight us on it.

    9. Most of your baked goods faves would not even exist without eggs!

    Adam Ellis/ BuzzFeed

    10. And consider this: Would brunch ever be the same without that satisfying break of the yolk?

    Adam Ellis/ BuzzFeed

    11. And even though eggs are easy to cook, being able to poach an egg is a top-tier adulting skill.

    When your ruined poached eggs come back to haunt you.

    12. There's nothing sexier than someone who can crack an egg in one hand.

    BuzzFeedBlue / Via

    Come on, you know you're just a little bit turned on right now.

    13. There are so many egg dishes to try from around the world! Like Shakshuka!

    Alleko / Getty Images

    Mmmmm perfect for dipping your bread in.

    14. Or congee!

    Dreambiggest / Getty Images

    This savoury Chinese porridge is the most comforting thing.

    15. Or a Scotch egg!

    Snopik / Getty Images

    The best pub snack of all time.

    16. And let's talk about sweet eggs – meringue is basically eggs plus sugar.

    Lesyy / Getty Images

    See? Delicious in literally EVERY way.

    17. And even non-egg eggs, like Creme Eggs, are amazing.

    Tabatha Leggett/ BuzzFeed

    18. But let's face it, ultimately, all eggs are good eggs.

    Becky Barnicoat/ BuzzFeed

    So let's start showing them a little more appreciation eh? EGGS FOR EVERY MEAL!!!!