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    23 Reasons To Love Peter Capaldi

    Everything you need to know about the Twelfth Doctor.

    1. So, Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor.

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    2. His most famous role to date is probably as spin doctor Malcolm Tucker on The Thick of It.


    3. But he also played Sid's dad on Skins.

    4. As well as the compelling Randall Brown in The Hour.

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    5. He's also been in Prime Suspect.

    6. And Dangerous Liaisons.

    7. He's won an Oscar - in 1995 for Live Action Short Franz Kafka's It's A Wonderful Life.


    Additional fact: The short starred Richard E Grant aka The Great Intelligence.

    8. As a young man, he was the lead singer in a punk group called The Dreamboys. Craig Ferguson was the drummer.

    The group were originally called The Bastards From Hell.

    9. The pair are still good friends.

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    10. Unlike Ferguson, he has no desire to move Stateside. / Via Getty

    11. He's pretty acerbic in real life.

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    12. He already has Doctor Who connections, having starred in spin-off series Torchwood.

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    13. He also made a guest appearance in Doctor Who episode "The Fires of Pompeii."


    But nobody seemed to mind that Amy Pond was a Roman Soothsayer.

    14. But above all he's a Doctor Who fan.

    Via Twitter: @dollymopp

    Here's a letter he wrote to Radio Times, aged 15.

    15. As his William Hartnell impression shows.

    16. He's already got the lingo down.


    17. In fact, it seems like he was always destined to play the Doctor.

    18. He had been considered for the role of the Doctor previously, but the timing wasn't right, writer Steven Moffat revealed.

    19. He's got 11's seal of approval.


    20. Fans have been celebrating the annoucement.

    21. And are eagerly anticipating certain scenes.

    22. Like, really eagerly.

    23. In summary:

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