22 Reasons To Love Adam Buxton

Radio host, comic, actor - the man can do it all.

1. Adam Buxton is a radio presenter on BBC 6music.


2. He gave the world the gift that is the Adam and Joe podcast.

You can listen to his podcasts here.

3. He worked out what Scott Walker covering Britney Spears would sound like.

4. He’s also an actor. He featured in Time Trumpet.

5. And he had a cameo in The IT Crowd.


6. He introduced us to Songs of Praise - with subtitles.

7. Oh, and he’s friends with Radiohead.

He directed a promo for them.

8. And he can make Thom Yorke giggle.

9. And he goes way back with Louis Theroux.

10. He presented a show called Bug on TV (and countless live touring appearances).

11. Each episode of Bug had an original song. Like this.

12. Or this, sing-along-a-Sushi.


13. Ooh, or this.

15. He translated Cilla Black.

16. And he’s good at explaining emoticons.

17. He improved Richard and Judy.

18. He revealed The Kiling to be nonsense.

19. Where Buxton really shines though, is with YouTube comments.

20. Seriously.

21. He might just be the funniest man in Britain.


22. So, that’s you told.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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