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20 Reasons To Be Legitimately Terrified Of Space

The sky is dark and full of terrors.

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When supercritical water (water compressed to a pressure of 217 atmospheres and heated above 373 degrees Celsius) is mixed with organic material, oxidation takes place - a kind of burning without flames.

4. There is no noise in space. SO QUIET!


On earth, sound travels by vibrating air molecules. In space, there are no molecules to vibrate because of the large areas between planets and stars.

7. Even thinking about the scale of space will make you nauseous.

NASA, ESA, E. Sabbi (STScI)

Space itself is inconceivably large, but so are the different things that are inside it. From planets to solar systems, trying to understand just how big things are will make you start to feel a bit sick.

10. Animals hate space. This is Ham, the first chimp in space, and look how thrilled he looks with the whole ordeal.


Sure, he survived, but he had to go to space in that tiny, claustrophobic capsule. NO THANKS.

11. Black Holes. The Dementors of the sky.

Wikipedia Commons / Via en.wikipedia.org

In short, a black hole prevents anything, including LIGHT, from escaping its horrifying clutches. It even has a "event horizon" that literally has a "point of no return." NOPE.

12. Where is your faithful friend, gravity?

NASA / Via spaceflight.nasa.gov

Gravity on Mars is just a third of what it is on Earth. Your bone and muscle would deteriorate and after a while your body wouldn’t be able to cope with normal Earth conditions anymore.

13. How are you supposed to keep track of TIME?

Sweetie187 on Flickr / Via Flickr: 58782395@N03

If you can't see the sun, WTF time is it? When are you? How long have you been floating aimlessly in this never-ending nightmare of uncertainty? Sure, you'll eventually age, but when is lunch??

14. When does it end?


Humans quite like things to have borders and boundaries. We like edges. A beginning and an end. But in space, there are NO BORDERS. WHERE IS THE END POINT OF SPACE?

15. It LITERALLY just keeps going.


And going. And going. AND GOING. IT IS INFINITE. (Or is it?) How the feck is anyone supposed to just deal with that? IT'S NOT OK, SPACE.

16. If you were lost in space, how can you tell up from down?


Is there even such thing as up and down in space? You could be floating around upside for infinity and just never know. *vom*

18. What do you even do in space?


Unless you have a sweet ride like The Enterprise, how are you supposed to pass the time? Sure, you can stargaze, but how long before that gets old? STARS DON'T EVEN TWINKLE IN SPACE.

19. For all we know we are literally inside a universe that's attached to a cat's collar like in Men In Black.

Men In Black

Our survival could depend on a cat not losing its collar. LIFE IS SO FRAGILE.

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