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    20 Reasons To Be Legitimately Terrified Of Space

    The sky is dark and full of terrors.

    1. It's just DARKNESS.

    2. Not even planets are safe in space.

    3. In space, WATER STARTS FIRES.

    4. There is no noise in space. SO QUIET!

    5. You will literally die there.

    6. You would be so lonely.

    7. Even thinking about the scale of space will make you nauseous.

    8. WHAT IS SPACE? I mean really. What is it?

    9. There are no animals. None!

    10. Animals hate space. This is Ham, the first chimp in space, and look how thrilled he looks with the whole ordeal.

    11. Black Holes. The Dementors of the sky.

    12. Where is your faithful friend, gravity?

    13. How are you supposed to keep track of TIME?

    14. When does it end?

    15. It LITERALLY just keeps going.

    16. If you were lost in space, how can you tell up from down?

    17. In space, it's either fucking freezing all of the time or you're boiling to death.

    18. What do you even do in space?

    19. For all we know we are literally inside a universe that's attached to a cat's collar like in Men In Black.

    20. WHY ARE WE HERE?