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23 Reasons Nando's Is The Most Glorious Place On Earth

Peri-peri good.

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1. Nando's. Nando's you guys. It's just the best.

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2. It's so much more than just a chicken restaurant.

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3. Although obviously the chicken is key.

4. Relax in the rustic al-fresco-style interior.

5. Choose your meal with anticipation, and pay at the counter - so straightforward.

Oooh chicken and halloumi wrap, great choice.

Oooh chicken and halloumi wrap, great choice.

6. Have you stamped your card?

7. Because though Nando's is well-priced, it's not cheap.

8. Sides? Why not. Macha peas, please!

9. Hot sauce - which to choose?

You could always go for a combo.

You could always go for a combo.

10. Your sauce will be denoted by your flag. Hot? You daredevil.

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11. The friendly chicken marker waits with you at your table.

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12. Did you forget to fill up your glass? Free refills, remember!


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15. C-H-I-C-K-E-N.

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16. A member of staff stops by to see if everything is OK. Of course it's OK because Nando's is great.

17. You wipe your face free of chicken, and sip on your free refill. So relaxing.

18. Then they considerately come round to your table to ask if you want dessert. Because you're too full to move to the counter.

19. And you're pretty full, but who can turn down their cheesecake?

20. You're basically rubbing shoulders with celebs every time you eat there.

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21. They all have Black Cards though. LUCKY.

22. Maybe one day, if you eat there enough, you'll get a card too.

23. So, you know what's for lunch tomorrow.