24 Reasons Myspace Was The Best Social Network Of The '00s

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    1. You logged on to Myspace through IE (or Firefox if you were good at the internet).

    2. Oooh, new friend requests!

    3. And new picture comments!

    4. Even if you did get them by trading PC for PC.

    5. You checked to see if there was anything good in your bulletins.

    6. Or you just sent one out yourself. But what to announce?

    7. The agonizing wait for your bulletin to appear.

    8. Maybe you just blogged your feelings out.

    9. Your friends reacted, and showered you with kudos.

    10. The panic of trying to organise your top 8.

    11. You could scroll alphabetically to change it, but usernames changed so quickly.

    12. You were adept at sorting out scenester drama.

    13. But you still wanted to be friends with Audrey Kitching and the Waffles and Falafels girls.

    14. You knew all about closed networks, and extended networks.

    15. You picked up HTML pretty quickly.

    16. Because you were nobody without a custom layout.

    17. Or you could be ironic and go with a plain layout. LOL.

    18. Who needs GIFs when you had Blingees?

    19. You connected with an up and coming artist, so you could update your profile song.

    20. Which to choose? "Lua" by Bright Eyes? "Such Great Heights" by the Postal Service?

    21. This song will sum up your entire essence, are you sure you want to commit?

    22. Not that it matters anyway, as the combination of music, text, and images made the page crash.

    23. Leaving you with nothing but Bebo until the page reloaded.

    24. '00s Myspace, please come back.