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24 Reasons Birmingham Is Actually Great

Brummies, unite.

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2. Whether it's Adrian Chiles’s various gaffes.

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3. Or our accent.

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4. But our detractors couldn't distinguish between Black Country and Brummie.

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13. And later in our history, we were at the forefront of benign capitalism.


The Cadbury family built the Bournville area for its workers to live in and pioneered

concepts like employee pension schemes.

14. We re-use our space well.

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We sadly said goodbye to the HP Sauce factory in 2007, but we’ve also turned the old Bird’s Eye Custard factory into a thriving art, fashion and music hotspot.


19. Our city was chosen to rehabilitate Malala Yousufzai after she was shot for campaigning for female access to education in Pakistan.

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Having made her recovery, Malala was given a scholarship to a girls’ school in Birmingham.


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