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25 Things That Prove Benedict Cumberbatch Is The Perfect Man

We are Sher-locked.

1. Cumberbatch is so much more than Sherlock.

2. But a little Sherlock doesn't hurt.

3. He's always impeccably dressed for a country getaway.

4. Check out his onion-chopping skills!

5. He'll take you into outer space.

6. He's always up to date with the news.

7. And he's an animal lover.

8. He's friends with House!

9. Damn, can he wear a suit.

10. With added waistcoat action.

11. Jaunty summer blue!

12. And let's talk about the hats.

13. Loves a hat, does Benny.

14. Wearing. Them. Hats.

15. Two words: ginger sideburns.

16. He's secretly ripped!

17. Casualwear? He's down with it.

18. Ready to travel at a moment's notice.

19. Never knowingly under-accessorised.

20. Even when he's playing Frankenstein's monster he looks great.

21. Did you know he can sing? And how!

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22. Not only that, he can sing while doing impressions. Amazing.

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23. Young Cumby was just as adorable as he is now.

24. Even with a crumpled shirt, he's still a fox.