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    19 Products That Will Change Every Booze Lover's Life

    You'll want to buy ethanol of them.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. This easy way to add punch to your punch.

    "Infused waters," you say. "Not for me." Well then why not infuse your booze? Buy it here, £25.

    2. This fabulous and functional bathtub wine glass holder.

    Relax in style! Buy it here, £12.99.

    3. This perfectly formed shower beer holder.

    Because why should wine drinkers have all the fun? Buy it here, £6.50.

    4. These bottle-opener sunglasses that you never even knew you needed.

    They're polarised too. Buy them here, £32.

    5. This argh-dorable legless corkscrew.

    Call your wine "grog" for added effect. Buy it here, £18.

    6. This classy glass which displays the chemical formula of wine.

    You'll want to buy ethanol of them. Buy it here, £11.95.

    7. (Or maybe you're a beer drinker).

    Buy it here, £9.96.

    8. These comfy and cosy dungarees for your wine bottle.

    AKA the product of your dreams. Buy it here, £7.

    9. This perpetually self-filling wine glass.

    OK, so yeah it's expensive. But you can't put a price on perfection. Buy it here, £210.

    10. This classy wine-tasting board game.

    Wine, alas, not included. Buy it here, £23.

    11. This super-classy bangle flask.

    Wear your heart on your sleeve and your booze on your wrist. Buy it here, £236.

    12. This one-handed bottle-opener ring.

    Open your brews in style. And it's a bargain to boot. Buy it here, £1.38

    13. This nostalgic Nintendo-style cartridge flask.

    +10 points for "Super Bar-Hop Bros". Buy it here, £13.

    14. These jolly musical wine glasses.

    They play a scale in a major key, so get practising. Buy it here, £45.

    15. These innovative cooling wine pearls.

    Freeze these stainless-steel "pearls" to cool your vino without diluting it. Buy it here, £18.

    16. This nifty bottle-opener for your bike.

    Best used when your bike is parked, not on the go. Buy it here, £14.99.

    17. This clever ice spike for your wine.

    The "ice" here is actually a thermal gel that will chill your bottle without diluting it – and you can keep pouring through the spout too. Buy it here, £19.99.

    18. This classy way to drink wine on the go.

    The most glam box of wine you'll ever see. Buy it here, £29.99.

    19. And this absolutely necessary bottle lock.

    Keep tabs on your stash. Buy it here, £11.

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