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    Posted on Jun 12, 2013

    Probably The Best Used Car Ad You'll Read Today

    Model not included.

    An East Grinstead couple have listed their Mercedes on eBay with an incredibly honest description.

    "If you are looking for an immaculate, well maintained example of a Mercedes e320 CDI... you have come to the wrong place. If however, you are low on self esteem, with a strapped budget, but shooting for the stars, welcome to my auction."

    "May I present to you, one of the finest feats in Germanic engineering politely modelled by my 'more to love' missus."$(KGrHqZ,!ooFC7-v)Mj!BRtOqozKkg~~60_12.JPG

    "Since owning the vehicle, it has been thrashed, raced, rallied, and the interior has been smashed up in a domestic, not to mention the time my wife booted the wing because I suggested she eat a salad or two. ( please refer to photo of foot next to dent for reference)."

    The terms and conditions listed are unusual.

    "As for terms and conditions, we will happily airlift this car to any destination in west africa, should you be in the possession of a cheque which you have overpaid, we will happily send you the difference. If you are a diplomat or sovereign who has 46,000,000 USD, but can't access it for lack of a processing fee, please call us straight away, as I have a team of lawyers waiting for my signal to help."

    However, the car is proving popular, with over 50 bids and current price of £153,300.00.$(KGrHqFHJCkFDIlyFk+NBRtOqzyiNw~~60_12.JPG

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