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9 Thoughtful And Practical Wedding Gifts That Won’t Get Returned

Featuring bed linen that feels like actually sleeping on clouds.

Rebecca Hendin / Getty / BuzzFeed

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Hi! I have been to a lot of weddings in my time, and have encountered a lot of different gift list options.

They've ranged from "cash please", to "John Lewis registry", to "your presence is present enough". I've also been to weddings where friends have been living together for a long time, or where they're relocating afterwards, and don't want bulky gifts.

So here are some tried and tested options for when you're stuck or low on cash. Where possible I've included items that I've personally bought as gifts, or own.

*Of course, if the couple has a list, then you're best to stick to it, but if you're late off the mark, you may want to add something small from the below to the water carafe and teacup combo that's left online.

1. A soft recycled wool blanket that's as good for picnics as it is for snuggling up on the sofa.

I've given this blanket as a bonus wedding present a couple of times, and own one myself. It's durable, warm, and ages well. It's also machine-washable – meaning that spilling hummus on it during a picnic isn't the end of the world.

Get it on Amazon, £17

2. A bottle of champagne.

A bottle of champagne and a "congratulations" card is my default for any wedding where no gifts are requested. I wouldn't bother splashing out on Veuve Clicquot, or any ~special edition~ Lanson – if you want to spend big money on champagne, keep an eye on the vintage deals on Amazon. Otherwise, there are some great deals in Lidl, Aldi and more.

Get this bottle of champagne £14.99 on Amazon

3. Bed linen that feels like sleeping on actual clouds and will last for years.

Piglet in Bed is a small British company that makes the dreamiest linen bed sheets, which come in adorable brown paper packaging. They can be washed in a normal gentle cycle, and can even be tumble-dried. The best bit? They get softer with use. I tried these out as a press sample, and they're so lovely I'm already saving up for a second set.

Buy a double duvet cover, £129. You can also buy through Amazon, where the duvet comes with pillowcases too.

4. A personalised map of their love story.

It's difficult to buy artwork for others – even for people you know well. But a memento of their wedding day, or their love story, is a good bet. There are a couple of options, with varying degrees of cuteness. The above watercolour print is from Not on the High Street, £90. I also love this metallic personalised map, £35.

5. A framed newspaper front page from their wedding day.

There are a couple of services offering this online, but from what I can see, they only offer the front page of the Daily Mirror. If your pals aren't Mirror readers, there's no reason why you can't do this yourself. Buy the paper of their choice the morning of the wedding, then ship your gift afterwards.

If it's a broadsheet, you'll need a frame that's 75cm x 60cm – I like this one, £40 on Amazon

6. Cocktail ingredients and a pair of nice glasses.

If, like me, you once got to the gift registry late and the only thing left was a set of martini glasses (or similar), then bump up your gift with the ingredients to make a cocktail.

This article details everything you need to make five classic cocktails, including tips on which alcohols to choose. If your friends don't drink alcohol, you could include something like these hibiscus flowers in syrup, £9.69, which are delicious and glam when served in sparkling water.

7. A voucher for a great restaurant near their house.

The Gannet

What's nicer than a present you can use when you get back from the honeymoon? Do a little research into the kind of food they like, then figure out your budget. If you suggest the couple put the voucher towards a fancy lunch, then you can get real bang for your buck. For example, the EXCELLENT set lunch Heston Blumenthal's two-Michelin-star Dinner is £45 for three courses.

Here's some suggestions for restaurants in the UK to check out in 2017.

8. Some really lovely coffee to ease into the mornings post-honeymoon.


This is another nice token gift – a one-off subscription to Pact costs £7.95 and is the perfect note to slip in with your "congratulations" card.

If your pals prefer tea, then Bruu offers a similar service for £10 a month.

9. A One for All voucher.

One For All

So, maybe you've looked at their registry and don't fancy anything on it. Maybe there's nothing on this list that catches your eye. "Maybe I'll just buy them some crystalwear!" you think, sliding your debit card from your wallet and opening up an Amazon tab. Instead, why not spend that money on a voucher? I think the One for All vouchers, though very un-glam, are good value – you can spend them on hotels as well as Amazon, B&Q, and more.