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16 Practical Things You Should Totally Buy In Bulk

Buy once, buy well.

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To get the most out of your weekly or monthly shop, consider buying a handful of things in bulk.

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I know on paper this premise sounds both "zzzzz" and "I don't have the space for that". But when you find you are no longer running out of toilet paper every five days, you will thank me.

I've broken this into sections, so if you have a tiny kitchen and no storage for example, skip straight to "bathroom" or search for smaller items.


4. Squash


If you drink squash (like Ribena), then see if you can find a concentrated version. Robinsons does a two-litre double-concentrate that I particularly like. You get the same taste, and it takes up less space than two bottles would.


5. Nespresso pods


If you have a Nespresso machine (or similar), then seek out a good deal on a batch of pods, and store them away. If you like having a mixture of flavours, why not work with a pal and buy a batch each, then share?


10. Nappies

If you have children and they wear nappies, buy as many as you can store at one time. However, don't go bananas, a colleague warns: "The only risk is the baby might grow out of that size before you use them all."