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    16 Practical Things You Should Totally Buy In Bulk

    Buy once, buy well.

    To get the most out of your weekly or monthly shop, consider buying a handful of things in bulk.

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    I know on paper this premise sounds both "zzzzz" and "I don't have the space for that". But when you find you are no longer running out of toilet paper every five days, you will thank me.

    I've broken this into sections, so if you have a tiny kitchen and no storage for example, skip straight to "bathroom" or search for smaller items.


    1. Rice

    Uncooked rice has an "indefinite shelf life", so stock up. I like to buy two kilos at a time (I only have a small kitchen!) and store it in Kilner jars, but if you have the space, then size up.

    2. Soya milk

    The expiry dates may vary for different products, but if there's a brand you like, and it's good to store, then go for it!

    3. Tins of chopped tomatoes

    The handiest thing to have in your cupboard, and a pain to carry back from the shops every week. The answer? Buy in bulk.

    4. Squash


    If you drink squash (like Ribena), then see if you can find a concentrated version. Robinsons does a two-litre double-concentrate that I particularly like. You get the same taste, and it takes up less space than two bottles would.

    5. Nespresso pods


    If you have a Nespresso machine (or similar), then seek out a good deal on a batch of pods, and store them away. If you like having a mixture of flavours, why not work with a pal and buy a batch each, then share?

    6. Beer

    Hey, why not?


    7. Tampons/Condoms


    It's a pain to run out of either of these, and chances are you're gonna need them.

    8. Razorblades


    If you use disposable razorblades, then it makes sense to buy a sheet. A colleague says: "You can buy one sheet and be done for like, half a year."

    9. Mouthwash

    If you can buy a large bottle of mouthwash, go for it! Or if your bathroom shelf is small, then buy a three-pack and store the other two.

    10. Nappies

    If you have children and they wear nappies, buy as many as you can store at one time. However, don't go bananas, a colleague warns: "The only risk is the baby might grow out of that size before you use them all."

    11. Toilet paper


    You will never regret having loads and loads of loo roll. If you don't have the storage for a 12-pack, then at least buy six at a time. Especially if you live in a shared house.


    12. Bin bags

    Just buy the biggest pack you can. Don't even think about it.

    13. Laundry detergent


    If you buy in bulk, you're likely to make a saving – and it will mean you're not likely to run out when your shirt needs washing.

    14. Underwear

    You'll always be happy to have spare pants.

    15. Pet food

    If you have pets, then save yourself heavy trips to the shops and stock up on dry food and litter.

    16. Batteries

    Because batteries never run out one at a time.

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