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18 Pizzas You Must Try Before You Die

Take another lil pizza my heart.

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1. Dough Boys, Leeds

Dough Boys

With the aim of "changing the face of pizza in the North", Dough Boys talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Not only that, but they do a great job naming their produce. Sample: "The Rictotta Get Through This", featuring wild mushrooms, ricotta, soy dressing, and pickled ginger.

If you're not a pun fan, then track down the Pizza Bus around Leeds.

2. Bertha’s pizza, Bertha’s pizza, Bristol

Tim Griffiths/ / Via Bertha's

Bertha's specialise in perfectly formed street food sourdough pizzas. Using local produce, they create mouthwatering pizzas (like the "Meat and Heat" featuring tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni and house hot honey) – all in under 90 seconds.

3. Oscar and Rosie's, Nottingham

What's better than a regular pizza? A metre-long pizza, that's what. If that's too much for you, Oscar and Rosie's also offer 14" versions, but dream big right? The Cosmopolitan (peaches, parma ham and basil) would be a good place to start.

4. Honest Crust, Manchester

Honest Crust

Wood-fired sourdough pizzas that are worth the trip to Manchester. Visit their permanent location in Altrincham, or flag down their roving trailer. Either way, start with some of their antipasti, and then keep it simple with a Margherita or two.


5. Pizza Pilgrims, London

Flickr: bexwalton / Via Creative Commons

What started out as plucky street food van now has three locations. It's not hard to see why – speedy wood-fired Neapolitan pizza. Their Nduja pizza is especially good – just don't wear a white shirt while eating it.

7. Soderberg, Edinburgh

With four locations across Edinburgh, this sweet Swedish bakery will suit all your needs. There's a limited menu (currently only six pizzas to choose from), but it's all been made with love and care. The charcuterie pizza, made with meats from Henri in Stockbridge, is particularly appealing.


9. Pizza Artisan, Oxford

This street food pizza place makes its dough using local flour, but it's the extras that really make Pizza Artisan stand out. All pizzas come with optional fresh baby leaf spinach, wild rocked and freshly grated parmesan cheese for free.

If you're looking for something hotter in Oxford, then Atomic Pizza is calling your name.

10. PizzaFace, Brighton

This indie pizza parlour uses Sicilian '00' flour for their bases, and also offers gluten free and vegan options. Did we mention that they work with local heroes Boho Gelato on the dessert menu? Ideal.

11. Pizza at The Hop, York

Pizza, plus a gorgeous pub = all your dreams come true. The Hop offers speedy stone-baked pizzas, made all the better when washed down with a pint.

12. American Pizza Slice, Liverpool

Do you love pizza so much that it's hard to choose a topping? Well fret no more. At American Pizza Slice you can get a different topping on each piece.

If you'd rather a more streamlined affair, then Camp and Furnace are reliably good.


13. Yard Sale Pizza, London

Yard Sale Pizza

Put down the Domino's. Yard Sale do whopper pies, with heaps of flavour. If a straightforward Margeherita isn't your thing, then keep an eye out for special events. Pictured is their limited-edition salt beef calzone with Monty's Deli.

14. Cafe Citta, Cardiff

Cafe Citta

This friendly Italian caff does a killer pizza, and its produce is out of this world (think fresh British veg, mixed with imported Italian sausages). Want to be more creative? Try their pizzotto (above) – a rolled pizza filled with mozzarella, parma ham and courgettes.


17. Cal's Own, Newcastle

Cal's Own, as well as having an excellent name, serve pizzas as big as a wagon wheel. What to order? Well, their namesake dish would be a good start.

18. Mono, Glasgow

Vegan pizza, served by Glasgow punks. Try their take on a Lamachan, or keep it simple with (vegan) cheese and tomatoes. They do a two pizzas for a tenner deal on Mondays. What more could you wish for?