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    15 Quick And Easy London Picnics

    Put down that Marks and Spencer's pasta salad.

    1. Ethos


    Ethos deals in yummy, indulgent vegetarian food and does a mean baba ghanoush. A word of warning, it charges by weight so heavily consider your options before you pay (I say this as someone who accidentally paid £15 for a weirdly heavy salad).

    If you want a quiet spot to eat, it's not too far a trot to Soho Square.

    2. Kupp


    If you fancy a Scandi option, try out Kupp's picnic totes, and venture to nearby Paddington Green to eat. Their veggie option is £25 (to serve two people) and includes the following feast:

    "Smashed Avocado, Spicy Broadbean Salad & soft boiled egg, Quinoa Salad, roasted peppers & goats curd, Roast Butternut & beetroot, Danish blue cheese, kale salad & smoked red onion, Summer heritage tomato salad / Strong Swedish Cheddar & pickled veg. A selection of breads; Leksands Knacker Crispbread, Freshly Baked Sourdough & Rye with English butter."

    3. Borough Market

    Flickr: herry / Via Creative Commons

    Why get someone to park your picnic, when you can create your own? My advice: go with a tenner a head, and grab whatever looks good. For me, that's a Brindisa chorizo roll and as many Bread Ahead doughnuts as I can handle.

    Still unsure? Check out this piece on how to eat everything at Borough Market for under £20.

    4. Broadway Market


    Here's what you do. Go with a friend to Butchie's on Broadway Market. While one of you waits for the order, the other should nip to the corner shop and buy two cans of Red Stripe. Then take your feast to London Fields, sit down on a jumper (London Fields grass is always scratchy), and chow down happily.

    5. Mike and Ollie

    Toby Allen/ Mike and Ollie

    Mike and Ollie's delicious wraps are reason enough to hit Brockley Market on a Saturday. Grab one, and pick up a bottle at the beer stall, then head to Hilly Fields for your picnic.

    6. Savage Salads

    Debora Palazzo/ Savage Salads

    Savage Salads make salads that are so yummy that you never want to stop eating them. Also, pleasingly for meat-eaters, they offer a half-n-half halloumi and chicken topping. Which means you can have the best of both worlds.

    They trade at Berwick St Market, so Golden Square is an easy picnic spot.

    7. Harry Morgan

    8. Tate Britain

    9. Ottolenghi

    Flickr: stijnnieuwendijk / Via Creative Commons

    Bring an Ottolenghi picnic and become the most popular person in the park. Straight up, it's not going to be cheap. But it will be bloody delicious, and you'll find yourself praising vegetables in a slightly OTT way. "OMG I never knew aubergine could be so silky!"

    Go to the Belgravia store, then munch in Kensington Gardens.

    10. The Counter at the Delaunay

    The Delaunay

    Are you into Viennese sandwiches like the above? I mean, who isn't? Grab a pretzel roll to go, and saunter down to Embankment to have a swift picnic overlooking the Thames.

    11. Max's

    Trip Advisor

    This sandwich shop is worth the visit to Crouch End, and what's more, if you hop on the bus you're close to Ally Pally for a picnic. It's hard to go wrong with a sandwich from here, but my money's on the Ham, Egg and Chips.

    12. Paul


    Paul's custom picnics are cute – at £20 to serve two people, you get freshly made sandwiches, crisps, coffees and macarons. And a lil' picnic bag to keep everything chilled.

    Again, there are plenty of branches, but my picnic pick is the Piccadilly branch, for a Green Park picnic.

    13. Keu


    Keu specialise in incredible banh mi – their aubergine and tofu one is jaw-droppingly good fyi. If you hit up the Hoxton Branch, then you can have your picnic lunch in the delightful Geffrye Museum Gardens.

    14. Carluccio's


    Carluccio’s is always a solid option for lunch, and if you've got cash to spend, they offer delicious bespoke picnics too. The picnic is £45, but each order serves two, and includes antipasti, bread, tarts, salad, main, pudding and biscuits.

    There are branches all over London but the one close to Russell Square would make for a nice picnic in closeby Coram's Fields.

    15. Humble Grape

    Humble Grape

    Get a little bit fancy with a picnic from Humble Grape. For £15 (plus a refundable basket deposit of £10), you'll get cheese, meats, salads, breads and strawberries. And it would be a pity not to choose a bottle from their excellent wine selection too.

    Don't worry, you don't have far to walk, Clapham Common's right opposite.

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