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    23 Photos That Breakfast Haters Should Avoid

    The best meal of the day.

    1. This obscene avocado toast.

    2. This doughnut waffle combo.

    3. This stack of PB& J doughnuts.

    4. These Indian scrambled eggs.

    5. This breakfast muffin stacked high.

    6. These eggs with just the right amount of ketchup.

    7. This Oxtail hash.

    8. These chic AF pancakes.

    9. This pretty as a picture smoothie bowl.

    10. This double chocolate and fruit pastry.

    11. This cosmopolitan breakfast.

    12. This golden Benedict.

    13. This perfect pairing.

    14. This dictionary definition of "perfect breakfast sandwich".

    15. These perfectly symmetrical waffles.

    16. This breakfast taco.

    17. This glorious French toast.

    18. This all-star line-up.

    19. This mouthwatering Iranian breakfast.

    20. This fantastic fry-up.

    21. This intense khachapuri.

    22. This truly perfect Nasi Goreng.

    23. This whole business.

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