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    18 Perfectly Alphabetical Gifts


    1. A delicate initial necklace.

    2. A perfectly personalised wash-bag.

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    3. A charming and colourful plate.

    4. A pair of beautiful initial earrings.

    With the initial of your choosing. Buy them here.

    5. A pocket mirror nobody else can steal.

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    6. A dinky silver charm.

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    7. A striking cushion.

    8. A bright and breezy bicycle bell.

    9. A notebook worth scribbling in.

    10. A vintage shopfront letter of your own.

    11. A simple and striking tote bag.

    12. A teeny tiny double-layered necklace.

    13. An initial spelled out in flowers.

    14. A signet ring that means business.

    15. A dainty initial ring.

    16. A set of stationary that is dying to be used.

    17. A quirky little print.

    18. A classic clutch.