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11 Pairs Of Meggings That Prove That Meggings Should Not Exist

Leggings for men, make it stop.

Meggings Man is a Chicago-based company that specializes in meggings.

They're about to branch out though. They write: " While our primary focus is currently on meggings, the form-fitted pant that has been functionally and aesthetically tailored to the male physique, we plan to bring you so much more in 2014. "

This is their current range.

1. Basic Black Meggings.

These "go with virtually everything. Like an old friend, they won't let you down."

2. Maroon Meggings.

"The perfect partner for a glass of fine wine."

3. Basic Navy Meggings.

A review reads:

"Meggings Revolution

by Frank McAlpin on Dec 29, 2013

I just received the navy blue meggings. Amazing! very comfortable and easy to wear! go well with sneakers and boots!"

4. Black Metallic Meggings.

"Our black metallic meggings embrace the spirit of badassery."

5. Polka Dot Meggings.

6. Silver Metallic Meggings.

"Our silver metallic meggings don't know the meaning of humble."

7. Royal Blue Meggings.

8. Green Camouflage Meggings.

A review of the green camo meggings reads:


by Meggingsdude on Jan 11, 2014

Awesome pattern, look and feel. Washed these bad puppies and had no problem with fading or shrinking. Wear them at home, public and at the gym, all purpose feel and look. I am usual waist size 38 but I may have needed to get a size "L" versus a size"XL". I may size down on my next order to get a feel for the sizings. Additionally they are not see through or make any unwanted bulges in the front."

9. The Gold Metallic Meggings are sadly sold out.

Note that the item "runs a little small".

10. Black and Checkered Mix Meggings.

"Features: Maximum comfort."

11. American Flag Meggings.

Meggings Man Company, in responding to a review, explain that these meggings will soon be available in an XXL.


by Dannie Minaj on Jan 8, 2014

Why don't you guys carry xxl?

** Meggings Man Clothing says: They are coming soon, Dannie."

Read an interview with the founders over at Racked.

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