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Here's Wonderful Proof That You Can Still Trust The Royal Mail

Signed, sealed, delivered.

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Blogger Joe Reddington had a problem. He wanted to post some fuel money to his friend who had given him a lift. But he wanted to send it on a postcard.

Friends were worried that the visible cash would be stolen by the Royal Mail in transit. But Joe persisted.

"I persisted with sending the letter – on the principle that I was willing to risk £10 to prove the innate trustworthiness of human beings in general and the honour of postmen in particular."

Several days later, he received these photos by email. The Royal Mail had fretted about the visible tenner and popped it in an envelope.

"When it reached the sorting office, someone clearly decided that the £10 was too much of a temptation, and so took the time to fetch and address by hand a new envelope – which strongly implies that the people at the Royal Mail are much more trustworthy than they even believe themselves to be."

H/t r/unitedkingdom