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A London Food Truck Has Created A Scotch Egg Burger


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This is a Scotch egg burger, ie a burger that uses a Scotch egg instead of a bun.

Marcel Le Bachelet

It's made by burger barons Yeah! Burger.

This particular Scotch egg burger is the Marco Polo. It's got an aged beef patty, manchego, lemon aioli, rocket and is encased in a chorizo scotch egg.

The burgers are intricate to make.

Marcel Le Bachelet

"Each burger takes quite a while", Adam from Yeah! Burger tells BuzzFeed Life.

"Especially the vegetarian Scotch egg as there's a load of prep making the mushroom and quinoa mix. From start to finish to make one burger singularly it would take about 25 minutes."

(This is the Dragon btw – a lamb patty, caramelised leeks, clamato beurre blanc, with a haggis & Kedgeree scotch egg).

They've also tried some more ~creative~ eggs too.

"We did make a deep fried avocado ice cream and Kimchi scotch egg burger... That was definitely not for the faint hearted."


All the burgers will be available from 7th August - 22nd August at two London locations.

Marcel Le Bachelet

You can chow down at the Star of Kings in King's Cross, or Strongrooms in Shoreditch. Each burger costs between £10-12.

Not in London then? Don't worry! The Scotch Ness Monster (above) is permanently on the menu at Strongrooms. Adam explains "it's extremely popular there. As soon as somebody buys one and people see it we sell a load more."

Don't know what to drink with your snack? We've got you covered.


"Depending on which burger you have, a pint of IPA goes well with the regular but together it's definitely a heavy meal. For the chorizo one, a rose wine is quite good as the acidity cuts through the richness. For the dragon (lamb and haggis) I'd go with a scotch and for the veggie one some sake."

BTW, if you fancy just having a regular Scotch egg like the above, check out our recipe.