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    A First Look At Lush's Popping Candy Bath Bomb

    An exclusive first look.

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    OK, so we all know bath bombs are magical AF.

    But there's something even more magic about Lush's newest bath bomb: It's filled with popping candy.

    Ailbhe Malone / BuzzFeed

    Called Northern Lights, it smells of sweet jasmine and ylang ylang. The team of inventors behind the bath bomb explained to BuzzFeed: "We were really trying to re-create the visual effect of the Northern Lights in bath form. We would suggest lighting some candles to create an evening atmosphere and listening to some of your favourite chill-out music."

    Adding popping candy was surprisingly straightforward: "We didn’t really have any challenges with popping candy in bath bombs as they are a very stable medium to add popping candy to. We tried adding it to products with more moisture but this doesn’t work as well."

    Watch it in action here. Well, watch six of them together actually:

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    The bath bomb leaves a pretty trail of blue and yellow throughout the water. Keen fans will notice it's an update of an earlier design.

    "This version is slightly different from the original Northern Lights bath bomb we had a couple of years ago. We decided to make the colour inserts visible from the outside and add two different bath bomb mixtures to create an entirely different effect in the bath. The purple mixture in this one fizzes slowly whereas the yellow is quicker, which helps to create the spiral effect you see in the bath."

    If that's not enough, we've also got the lowdown on five (FIVE!) new bath bombs launching soon.

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    1. Pumpkin Bath Bomb


    Smelling of pumpkin pie, this bath bomb has vanilla and cinnamon – with a hint of berry oils.

    This creation came out of an in-house suggestion: "We’ve done similar pumpkin bath bombs before but this one was suggested to us by one of management team in the bath bomb manufacturing rooms. The neon colour inside was designed to create a spookier effect in the water and with its sweet pumpkin pie fragrance it will make for a special Halloween soak."

    2. Never Mind the Ballistics


    This bomb creates a "sunset in your tub" and smells of orange and lime. There's also cocoa butter to keep your skin soft.

    "This one went through a few different phases in the invention process. It was inspired by a Mother’s Day product we had a few years ago. When you put it in the water the bath bomb side fizzes away while the bath melt side melts very slowly – this makes it spin and bob around in the bath. The inspiration behind the name came from a Sex Pistols record. Visually, this bath bomb ties in well with one of the old Sex Pistols album covers. It creates a punk rock party in the bathroom, so I would suggest putting on your favourite album and turning it up loud."

    3. Monster's Ball


    This bomb takes its cue from the Abominable Snowman and has Himalayan rock salt and lime oil for a soothing dip – if you can bear to chuck it in.

    "We really just wanted to create a spooky character for Halloween. We played around with lots of different monster shapes and ideas but we really liked the little one-eyed monster with horns."

    4. Mistletoe


    This pink and green bath bomb fizzes to create a lovely purple bath. In terms of scent, there's jasmine, ylang ylang, and vertivert.

    "This was inspired by a trip to Kew Gardens and a huge outdoor mistletoe installation they had. We had never managed to do a mistletoe product before. This one is pink and floral on the outside but transforms the bath into Christmassy colours. We would suggest lighting some candles, turning down the lights for the ultimate festive experience. Mistletoe is perfect for getting you in the mood at Christmas."

    5. Autumn Leaf


    This pretty bomb changes from green to yellow to red – just like a real leaf. A mixture of neroli, sandalwood, and bergamot echoes freshly cut grass.

    "Autumn Leaf came out of a meeting we had with some Japanese shop managers. They wanted to create a product based on the autumn leaf viewing displays in Japan. Autumn Leaf bath bomb creates an autumn colour scheme within your bath as it slowly follows the change in the seasons and transforms the water from green to shades of orange and reds. Carefully place this one in the bath so it floats on the water like a leaf."

    The new bath bombs launch in Lush Oxford Street from 16 September and will be in Lush shops nationwide from 2 October.