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    A First Look At Lush's Popping Candy Bath Bomb

    An exclusive first look.

    OK, so we all know bath bombs are magical AF.

    But there's something even more magic about Lush's newest bath bomb: It's filled with popping candy.

    Watch it in action here. Well, watch six of them together actually:

    Facebook: video.php

    The bath bomb leaves a pretty trail of blue and yellow throughout the water. Keen fans will notice it's an update of an earlier design.

    "This version is slightly different from the original Northern Lights bath bomb we had a couple of years ago. We decided to make the colour inserts visible from the outside and add two different bath bomb mixtures to create an entirely different effect in the bath. The purple mixture in this one fizzes slowly whereas the yellow is quicker, which helps to create the spiral effect you see in the bath."

    If that's not enough, we've also got the lowdown on five (FIVE!) new bath bombs launching soon.

    1. Pumpkin Bath Bomb

    2. Never Mind the Ballistics

    3. Monster's Ball

    4. Mistletoe

    5. Autumn Leaf

    The new bath bombs launch in Lush Oxford Street from 16 September and will be in Lush shops nationwide from 2 October.