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    15 Smart And Pretty Necklaces For Your Inner Nerd

    Including a Moebius strip *with a twist*.

    1. This chic vodka molecule.

    2. The prettiest Planck's constant.

    3. This adrenaline necklace to give you a pick-me-up.

    4. This Fibonacci spiral which should really come in gold.

    5. This cool and clear water molecule.

    6. This DNA base pair for your BFF.

    7. This golden Pythagoras tree.

    8. This caffeine molecule for early mornings.

    9. This essential symbol.

    £3.99 (or should that be £3.14 lololol), buy it here

    10. This acetylcholine molecule to keep you on your toes.

    11. This Moebius strip with a twist.

    12. This elegant map of Cassiopeia.

    13. This soothing melatonin molecule.

    14. These self-explanatory squares.

    15. This perfectly pleasing molecule.

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