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    The Food At Electric Picnic This Year Looks Amazing

    Picnic at the Electric Picnic.

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    1. Mobile Home Fries

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    Situated in the Trailer Park area, these are a delicious alternative to the frozen chips that are all over the Picnic. Vegetarians and carnivores alike will love the Patatas Bravas, €5, but there are lots of options including curry and pulled pork.

    2. Cranky Yankee

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    Corn dog virgins can pop their cherry at this spot in Trailer Park for €3. They look, er, phallic, but they're absolutely delish.

    3. Kelly Lou Cakes

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    Sweet tooth? Try a cupcake for only €2.50, and choose from red velvet, chocolate, or vanilla. NOM.

    4. Hippie Chippy

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    Hungover? Head for this spot near the main stage for a proper chipper feed. The taco fries (€5) are delicious, as are the burgers and chicken goujons. Great for soakage, and enough to fill you for the night.

    5. Pie Man

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    This Irish company will give you a feed and a half for only a tenner. Their Belly Boss meal deal includes a Beef and Guinness pie with a sausage, mash, gravy, and peas. It's open late too.

    6. Wood Oven Bread

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    For €8 you can choose between cheese-and-mushroom and cheese-and-bacon for an oozy, gooey carbfest. A nice, filling alternative to a pizza slice.

    7. Wood-Fired Pizzas

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    But if it's pizza you're after, step over a couple of stalls to this West Cork crowd. It's cooked in a traditional wood-burning oven, costs €4.50 for a slice and tastes like the best stuff you'd get in Naples. They also sell garlic bread and pasta.

    8. Hans Frankenfurter

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    This traditional German sausage company has THE best chips on site. Grab a sliced sausage curry chips tray for €6 – you won't be sorry.

    9. Burger Republic

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    For €7, the classic burger will fill you and then some. Cheese, relish, gherkins, and tomato on a fluffy bun, it's total comfort food, and done really well – the best burger at the festival.

    10. Kinara Kitchen

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    These guys often win Best Food at EP, and it's not hard to see why. Their Indian restaurant in Ranelagh is divine, and they manage to transport the magic to Stradbally. Grab the mixed barbecue platter for €10, and veggies will dig the samosa for €7.

    11. Saba

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    Another Dublin institution transported to the Picnic. Try the Chicken Phuket noodles for only €9 – you'll get a hefty portion of veggies to keep you going, as well as delicious protein.

    12. Rathmullan House

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    Come here for classy fare. It ain't cheap at €13, but the crab linguine is unbelievably good. Cooked to order, it's melt-in-the-mouth good. One for the foodies.

    13. Flaming Cactus

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    There are two outlets on site, and this Mexican food is not to be missed. For €10, grab the absolutely massive Nachos Grande and live happily after. This will feed a couple!

    14. Sizzle's Traditional Fish and Chips

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    Sometimes you just want an old reliable. This is beautifully fresh fish cooked well and finished to perfection. Get this meal with a drink for €12.50 and it'll keep you going all the way until Monday morning.

    15. O'Flynns

    Naomi Gaffey/ BuzzFeed

    Quality food from a gourmet market in Cork, this is a little more upmarket than your traditional sausage roll. Get it with all the trimmings for only €8.

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